Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Who Are You?

I know!  You should...

I'm trying to do this, and so should you!

Despite my search for all things positive in nature, a little part of me kind of feel like it shouldn't be surprised that yet another company has declined to offer me an open position after what I thought was a successful interview...but it still is one quick and easy way to make me have a bad afternoon.  Take note: don't ever take interview advice from me! (unless I am telling you to be persistent with job requisition activities!)

Back to the positive thinking: I know that once I do find a full time position, it will be a job worth waiting for.  It is hard to see now, but I know it will be a true thought when I look back to today from somewhere in my future.

I'm just impatient in this department of life.  I know I have several options that will help me in my quest, but choosing the right one is a place where I am getting stuck.  Stick around and I'll disclose my plans another day.  

Ultimately, whatever I do choose will be the best decision for me.  And I am who I am, because that is the best person I can be.  Thanks for the awesome words KK.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Only in Ohio..

... do you get a prediction for beautiful and almost get blown off the sidewalk instead.

Having chosen to walk to and from work today, I shared R's thoughts exactly.  On the positive side, once I turned the corner towards my apartment the wind simply assisted in pushing me home!

I suppose though, that today's weather is actually quite beautiful for anyone peering upon the world from the great indoors.  The sun is out, the sky has pretty toy story clouds, and as of yet, the only wicked witches to be found are peacefully living in the world wide web.

Is it the end of the world?  Nope.  It's just our wonderful Ohio Weather!
Happy Marvelous Monday Everyone!                                .

Friday, April 20, 2012

Top Posts Recap!

As I have recently surpassed having 1500 page views for this account, I wanted to take an opportunity to review the top, individually viewed posts that a variety of readers followed google links to find.
I'm a delicious cupcake AND
a popular blog post!

5. How to Bake Delicious Cupcakes for your Birthday
     --> Being based on delicious goodness and full of many salivating worthy pictures, I am not surprised in the least that this was a popular post.  Cupcakes are an awesome and easy and tasty solution to not knowing what to bring to a potluck lunch for your work office.  Did I mention tasty?

4. Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks
     --> My DOD is an awesome dad.  He is a self-declared old dog, but with the help of my sister and myself, he is learning 'new tricks' with technology.  He got a new laptop for christmas and has started using facebook.  Being one of the millions of baby-boomers, he is not the only one embracing new technologies.  Check back soon for an update with his new iPhone skills!
Bored? Tower Defense Monkey
Bloons 4.  Need I say more?

3. FREE Things To Do When You Are Bored!!!
     --> Lets face it, the economy sucks, your cash supplies are low, and you have 'nothing' to do.  You are b-o-r-e-d!  In this popular post, I list suggestions for things to do!  Based on your creativity skills and household supplies, you can take this list and have entertainment for days!

2. Think Positively!
     --> In the post that originated my positive outlooks and showed me the potential popularity, I bring five seemingly negative life events that can really bee seen as POSITIVE things!  Any situation can have a positive spin if you just take the time to seek it out!

Is there any truth to the assumed
Mayan Prediction?

1. Is 2012 the End of The World?
     --> With so many rumors going on about how the world is going to end at the end of this year, I am not surprised that this is the most viewed post I have made.  I do not believe the widespread rumors will be true (anyone remember Y2K?) and use information from NASA and National Geographic to debunk several of the 2012 Myths.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When one Door Closes...

... Another Door Opens.

Last week I received what I call an official rejection letter for a company I am literally head over heels for.  I already knew that I was not going to be hired at this time.

I am looking at the situation in a positive light.  I met this really super awesome company at a Co-Op career fair, so obviously, the really super awesome company was looking for Co-Op students.  As a recent graduate, I don't exactly fall into that category.  But being seen as an E-Media graduate by a company FULL of E-Media graduates, I was given an interview.

While I still wish this really super awesome company were able to hire me asap, I am confident that I left a good impression (my contact has stressed on three occasions that he will be happy to serve as a professional reference for any application I give to another company).  This company has never had Co-Op students before, and it does not sound like they were able to find a way for them to fit into what the company does.

So, long story short--none of the eleven interviewees were hired.  My contact at this company did let me know though that I was one of his top three choices (and all three of his choices would have fit into three different departments in this company)!  I am keeping my connections open and positive in hopes that they will think of me first when a position does become open.

As much as I wish the door for this really super awesome company could have been my open door into a professional media career, the door is (for now) closed.

Today's proof that other doors open:

This came from another awesome opportunity located in Cincinnati!  I've never been a part of a group interview before, but I am confident that this is MY time to shine!

The hiring event is this weekend and if I make it to the interviews, those start next Wednesday!  Hopefully I will hear nothing but GREAT news!

Monday, April 16, 2012

When I find myself working at Midnight...

... I sometimes find myself needing to take advice from my friends over at Facebook.  I'm beat from the weekend and heading to bed.
I'm not exactly sure what S was referring to, but for me, I simply need to call it quits for the night and resume my editing tomorrow.  I have hit that 'wall' where I no longer feel like I am capable of making quality progress with my edits.  Tomorrow I will have fresh eyes and be able to do better work!

Even though I didn't have to go to work this weekend, I feel like I have been working nearly the whole weekend!

Saturday, I was supposed to film the UC Bearcat Bands at the 2012 Bearcat Bowl VI and then head to Loveland to finish working on the video project I started for Greater Impact Ministries on Thursday.  Lucky for my busy schedule, the Bearcat Bowl was rained out and I was able to start on my video editing a little earlier than planned.

From yesterday's post, you will know that the firewire cable that was checked out with the camera was more or less a dud.  After checking both Micro Center and a well known competitor, I opted to buy a cable for $14 Micro Center option and save myself the $25 extra dollars from the well known competitor.

At this point, I was able to digitize and organize 90-ish minutes of footage split between two tapes into the 8 respective editing documents.  I finished at 11pm last night.  I wiped the tapes with black and headed to bed.

This morning I set out to take some still photos of the Daughters of Sarah class that Greater Impact Ministries taught.  In addition to the still photos, I also helped out with today's videography.  Let me be the first to tell you--the Canon XF100 is a fun little camera.

After the DOS class, we headed home to finish the end of Thursday's video shoot.  After lunch I spent another few hours digitizing and organizing that footage.  I won't lie. I took a nap after that.

Most recently I have been editing on the first segment, which needs to be finished this week.  As much as I love editing, I am beat.  I'll continue anew tomorrow.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Technical Difficulties make...

... digitizing video a difficult process.  After deciding that the firewire that my friend checked out with the camera from the school library may or may not work, I am currently in stand still mode on my edit.  Needing to digitize approximately 90 minutes of video (split between two tapes), I have thusly been able to digitize 03:31 of one tape. Yay.

On the positive side, here is a still from the short snippet of video I was able to digitize!  I think it looks pretty sharp!

To attempt to quickly remedy the situation (as I need to have the cameras returned to the library on Monday) we will be taking a scenic trip to the local Micro Center where I will have an awesome opportunity to invest in myself by breaking and buying a firewire cable.  I have avoided this for several years, but it seems today is the day.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Freelance with Greater Impact Ministries

On this lovely sunny Thursday, I am starting on a new freelance project!  Yay!  The availability in my part time work schedule is positively allowing me to undertake a number of small video and design projects for Greater Impact Ministries.  Thus far, I have assisted with redesigning two book covers and a logo for their Daughters of Sarah course.

As I understand, Greater Impact Ministries strives to assist women in bettering themselves, their marriages, and their communications through their relationship with God.  Daughters of Sarah is just one of the courses offered.

Todays project is set to begin in a few hours.  I will be filming and editing a number of mini webisodes for Greater Impact Ministries to use as a part of their Daughters of Sarah Video Training Course.  These webisodes are meant to help reinforce the messages participants receive between each week's lesson.

While everything I am assisting with is happening in the Loveland/Milford area of Ohio, Greater Impact Ministries is trying to do exactly what their name suggests: make a greater impact.  By making a video course and instructional videos, women across the nation will be able to grow their selves through the courses offered by Greater Impact Ministries.

If you think this type of learning sounds interesting, please follow this link to learn more information about how to register!  The next scheduled course is set to begin via DVD for Fall 2012.  Your local women's ministry can be added to the participant list!

Thanks to a few good friends, I have been able to access two handheld HD video cameras.  I also have some new miniDV tapes, and a plan for the afternoon!  I'll bring a few stills for you to see later :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Today is a...

...GREAT DAY!!!  Happy Tuesday!  I hope your Monday was marvelous.  I have no complaints about my Monday.  Apparently I am not the only one!  

These are my thoughts exactly!  I appreciate AH sharing this for everyone to see.  Our world needs MORE positive thinking!

I had a great weekend, great day at work, a great dinner, and a great evening!  I love the feeling I get when I realize that other people can feel and express the exact thing that I am at a given moment.  This feeling is even better when it is because I know the big guy has some good things are in the works :)

My personal efforts toward a more positive me are just that: an act that requires continuous efforts.  Ask my friends.  I am NOT always a positive person.  It is not by intention.  I try to be positive.  But I am still quite capable of letting something negative get me down.  I have found that if I start my day with confidence that it will be a good day, then more often than not, it has been a good day.

I'm working on being a more positive person.  In doing so, I have found myself drawn to the people in my life that are able to share their own positive messages.

Share your positive message.  Have confidence.  And have a great day at work tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wacky Wednesday!

Welcome!  I declare today to be Wacky Wednesday!  I'm not sure if it is a 'thing' yet, but we'll see :)

As such, I am taking a minute to positively enjoy my part-time employment status.  With the added 'free time' in my current schedule, I have time to...
As you can see, I am currently sporting
a fun mix of purple and gray polka dots!
  1. Catch up on the last five years of tv shows (currently: Bones and Big Bang Theory)
  2. Regularly cook semi-nutritious meals my bank account appreciates
  3. Troll the internet for full-time job possibilities (I have found a few of interest!)
  4. Paint fun designs on my toes!
While some of my current activities of interest may seem to be less than productive, I assure you that my time is not being wasted.  Sure, I could be doing many other different, more productive tasks.  But colorful toes, well-produced satisfying television, and happy bank accounts make me happy.  And happiness is ultimately a very important part of life.

I hope you are enjoying your Wacky Wednesday too!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy First Monday of April!

Welcome to April!  It's a new month full of undiscovered potential and fresh opportunities! 

I stayed up and listened to the first thunderstorm of April last night!  While April may soon be filled with spring showers, always remember the May flowers are just around the corner.

In my quest to find positivity every day, I have began to love all the positive posts my friends make online!  In celebration of another Happy Monday, I wanted to share two of my friends recent posts.  KW and MS definitely have the right idea!  Just like the beginning of a new month, each new week brings new opportunities and potential just waiting for each of us to discover!
I find this especially uplifting when I try to imagine living with the
chronic health issues this person deals with on a day to day basis.

What can I say?  Good Starts are ALWAYS worth sharing!

I hope you all had a GREAT and HAPPY Monday!  Pass it on!  Please share my positivity with your friends!  As my DOD would say, "Keep on keepin' on!"