Thursday, December 1, 2011

The UC Bearcat Bands Feature! It's Complete!

     I promise, this isn't another project by a band member about the band.  I don't want to brag too much, but I think my feature turned out pretty well.  If you're interested, here it is!

So, as you may remember from one of my earlier posts about this project, it was created as a part of my class, Uptown--part of the Electronic Media Division of the College-Conservatory of Music.

This piece is an insider look to how student involvement in the University of Cincinnati Bearcat Bands program affects students in positive ways.  It also portrays the variety of interests and activities that the band participates in at both the university and local community.

My role in the creation of this project has been in the making since the fall of 2007.  I was an active member of this organization for the first four years of my college career as a flute/piccolo player and squad leader.  Now, in my fifth year, I am a part-time videographer for game days and concerts.  Because of my involvement with the organization, I had a great experience working on this project being a fabulous one-man-band of a reporter.

I was the videographer, editor, writer, producer--you name it, I was it for this project.  While this is one of the first projects I have completed completely by myself, everyone that viewed this so far has loved it!  In fact, Dr. Frenz even requested a copy to take with him to a meeting he had with the President of the University, Gregory Williams!  (It may even find itself on the band website too!)

The Bearcat Bands has a long history of pride, tradition, and service to UC.  For more information, visit the band website here <> or call the office directly at (513) 556-BAND.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Here's Your Sneak Peak

        So...the project I am working on that I detailed in the post below is a work in progress.  What you can watch here is clearly (or should be clear) that it is not an unfinished portion of the intended project, but instead, a collaboration of the clips I have gathered into a sort-of montage set to the UC Fight Song.

        The UC Bearcat Bands traveled to Pittsburgh for the 2011 match up between the UC and Pitt football teams.  The trip was a lot of fun, despite traveling to and from in the same day.  The band did everything they set out to do that day, and since it was the Pitt Band Day as well, we joined with the Pitt Band and several hundred HS Band students to play versions of several popular Lady Gaga songs!

        For me, it was particularly exciting because Randy S, the announcer of the Bearcat Bands, and myself (mostly Randy) were able to literally walk into the press-box at Heinz Field and talk ourselves into 'credentials' for the night.  This basically means that we were able to get media press passes.  Since I am still in the beginning stages of my career, this may just seem significant to me because it is the first time someone gave me a legit media pass.  Regardless, it was super cool.

        Everything was shot with miniDV on a Sony DSR-PD 170, for anyone interested.  In fulfilling my being bored at home, this was edited using iMovie HD (the 2006 version).  The final project is in the process of being edited using Final Cut Pro.  It will be finished soon--I am getting my last needed interviews this upcoming Tuesday!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Coming Up Soon!

I've said it before and I'll say it again!  TUCBIDG
is awesome!  Here is a photo of The UC Marching
Band in script Cincinnati at a game in 2009. 
I am super excited for a new project I am about to embark upon!

I spend the first four years of my college career as an active member in the University of Cincinnati Bearcat Bands and am currently in my fifth (and last) year where I am a part time videographer.  I am also in a production class with The Norma Rashid who knows about my connections with the band.

As such, I have been volun-told (to my delight) to create a three minute insider feature of the band.  It is great timing too!  I'll be on a road trip with TUCBIDG this weekend as the UC Bearcats beat up on the Pittsburgh Panthers!

Yeah, yeah, yeah...another project by a band student about band. Right?  Wrong!  While I have focused a class project (on more than one occasion) on the band, this one will be massively different.  First off, it will be in HD Video!  Second, it is going to be awesome!

Doc, our fearless leader/head band director, is one of those jolly ol'men who is always happy to help his students in any way he can.  As such, he is more than happy to let me do my class project on an organization we both love.  He is also pleased that I suggested giving him the finished product for the band webpage <> so that prospective new members can get an inside look into the organization too.

While everything is still in the preliminary planning stages (aka--still in my head waiting to be written down), I only have a brief idea of what my finished product will be.  I do know that I am planning to do as much of the project by myself as I can--but also I am taking into account my production weaknesses of confidence in my writing and my mediocre video editing ability.  I say this not to diminish my abilities, but instead to admit that I have learned when to ask for help.  Additionally, I plan to interview at least two of the current band directors, a drum major, various students (mostly leaders), and an on-camera stand-up by yours truly.

I secretly think that Norma spent time scheming to find a way to get me to do an on-camera stand up because I was the only one in the class who was less than interested in that.  JK!  I know the band, what the organization is about, and what TUCBIDG stands for!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Daytime Columbus!

While it is a little behind schedule, I worked as a Production Assistant Intern for Daytime Columbus, a NBC4i Columbus produced talk show.

With the show, the Host and Executive Producer, Gail Hogan, talked with business owners and organizations from all across Columbus (and Ohio) that have something to offer the community.  Topics range from landscaping ideas, home organization, and pet adoptions to upcoming theatrical events and healthy living tips.

Daytime Columbus is an 'Advo-tainment' Talk Show.  It is advertising because everyone on the show has paid to be there.  It is also entertaining because Gail is AWESOME at making everything sound fun!

Here is a peek into a typical segment.  It is a spot produced for Luxury Bath Systems, a bathroom renovations company that specializes in fast and easy bathroom solutions for both luxurious and necessary safety reasons.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Know What I Did Last Summer!

"Punch Drunk Robot" is a special project that I worked on in August 2011 as a submission for the 48 Hour Film Project Cincinnati Festival.  As part of the festival, "Punch Drunk Robot" made it to the 'Best of Cincinnati' screening, which basically means it was considered one of the top ten submissions for the Cincinnati this year.  We were also awarded Best Song!  The three elements we needed to include were
          1. Character: Arthur or Arlene Zinnia, Acupuncturist
          2. Prop: a tray
          3. Line of Dialogue: "It's the same thing all over again"

As a crew member, I assisted with the costuming as well as being the Lead Gaffer (I was in charge the lighting crew).  Obviously, with a deadline of 48 hours, there was limited time for set-up, but considering the time constraints I think I did a pretty good job.

For more information about the 48 Hour Film Project Cincinnati, please visit

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Human Stain

This is a short montage that I created for/with one of my friends for his english project.  It is based on a book he read, The Human Stain.  The title that appears in the film is what he told me it was when I was editing.  I figure I will change it to the correct title after he gets his grade.  Mean, I know.  But when I agreed to shoot on a Friday, he said I had a week to edit it.  When I begin on Monday, I find out it is due 8am on Tuesday.  Not cool.  On the plus side, since I did this without any other E-Media people, I learned a lot about what needed to get done because everything was on my shoulders!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

NBC4, Here I Come!!!

WOOT!  It is official!  I have an internship!

This is the logo for the talk show I will
get to work with in Spring 2011
As of 11:00 am yesterday (Thursday February 24, 2011) this girl has been hired to be an intern with WCMH, an NBC affiliate station in Columbus, Ohio.  I will get to work as a part of the Operations Department with a talk show/advo-tainment segment called Daytime Columbus.

Daytime Columbus airs weekdays at 11:00 am on the local channel 4.  It is an innovative form of advertising that does not feel like advertising to the viewers.  To put it simply, this program is a paid infomercial in a talk show format--meaning basically the guests for the talk show have paid NBC to be on the show.  It is a brilliant idea!

As an intern, I will have the opportunities to be a part of the production, be in the studio during productions, interact with the clients, edit clips of the show for the web presence, and assist in script writing!  I will have the opportunity to do a little bit of everything!  It sounds amazing!

While I do live in and attend school in Cincinnati, working in Columbus for eleven weeks will still be a feasible option because my parental units live in a Columbus suburb.  I suppose my sister will enjoy having me there too...or maybe it will be because I will have my guinea pig, Kitchi Kitchi Kitchi, there too.

Just in case you might be interested, here is a link for Daytime Columbus:

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Walking Dead Project

This is a short analysis of the 2010 Toyota Corolla car commercials that have been airing during the new AMC hit television show, The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead is based on a comic by the same name (that is still in production). The Toyota Corolla commercials air both online and during live broadcasts and suggest that the Corolla will be able to save you from a zombie attack.  This is a rather absurd idea.  Personally I would want to have an armored Brinks truck if a herd of zombies began attacking.

I worked on this project as a part of a bigger project for a Survey of Programming class I took at UC in the fall of 2010.  I would not say it is a fabulous piece of work, but I think that is decently not bad.  I'll let you be the judge.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

WOOT! I'm on Air!

So, the client I was working with for a project for a class I completed last quarter liked the work I did!

In my Commercial Audio Production class, the big project for the quarter was to work with a real life company and create radio advertisements.  Being a member of the University of Cincinnati Bearcat Bands, I immediately thought about Buddy Rogers Music Store.

Buddy Rogers Music Store is a Cincinnati based chain of music stores.  They carry a range of musical products from school band to rock and roll.  As part of their advertising plans, they sponsor many of the musical organizations that already purchase their products.  The UC Band is one of these sponsored organizations.

I believe that this previously existing connection aided in the ease of our communication with each other.  I met with him once as I was to for the class, but also kept him updated with the status of the project.  Once the projects were finished for the course, I figured that I should complete what I told my client I would do even though a grade no-longer depended on it.

He loved the work I had done and liked both the concepts I had created.

The coolest part about the project is that he purchased air time on the university run internet based radio station!  I just think it is pretty cool.

***coming soon: audio files!***