Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day!

This 'extra' day won't arrive again for another 1,461 days, so enjoy the uniqueness of our leap year!  Personally I'll celebrate by baking half of a cake because I only have the opportunity to celebrate my half birthday once every four years :)

Many true Leap Day babies take pride in only aging numerically older at one-fourth the speed of anyone born on another day.  Some celebrate on either the day before or the day after or both days in the years without February 29th.

As suggested by the word-visual above, many people take advantage of Leap Day as a time to be bold and courageous by saying "YES" to everything!  Jim Carrey Could do it!  So Can You!
Coming only once every
four years, the next Leap
Day will be in 2016!
Where did the origins of leap day come from though?

We understand a year to be the 365 days it takes the earth to orbit the sun.  Right?  Almost.  Leap day was added to account for the extra partial day √† a technical whole year on earth is 365.24219 days long!  As an extra sense of technical thought, if the year is divisible by 100 (1900, 2100) but not divisible by 400 (2000, 2400) then the leap day is skipped!

In the time of Emperor Julius Caesar, the first 'leap day' was created by simply adding an extra 24 hours to February 24.  This was necessary to keep seasons arriving at the same time each year.  Also, during his reign, the Julian Calendar was in use whereas we now abide by the Gregorian Calendar. 

Does the one extra day on our calendar really make a difference though?  

Yes!  While you may not notice a difference or think leap day as necessary, Julius Caesar estimated that without leap day, the calendar would be "a mess.  If you lived to be 90 years old, your birthday would have drifted by three weeks" due to changes in the seasons!  Crazy to think about, Right?

Let me know what you think!  Post a comment below and tell me how you celebrated your Leap Day and said YES!

Monday, February 27, 2012

It's A Great Day!

Happy Monday Everybody!

Hopefully you are receiving this in the A.M.  I want you to tell yourself that TODAY WILL BE A GREAT DAY!!!  Why is it going to be a great day?  You were blessed enough to wake up and start a new day.  You have the option to start well by telling yourself it will be a great day!

I don't want to hear any more of this from YOU:

 I want to hear more of this from everyone:

And more of this!  Even if I wasn't involved, it always makes me feel better knowing my friends are doing well!

As the beginning of a new work week, YOU have the power to make it start on good terms!  Think positively as your Monday begins and it will progress smoothly!

Post below and let me know how your day is beginning!  Even if your day begins on the wrong side of the bed, remember:

"It's great to be great, but its greater to be human."
-Will Rogers
(If you don't know who Will Rogers is, ask Google!
He is very interesting to read about!)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Presidents Day: Washington and Lincoln

Today is set to be an AWESOME day for me.  I have a paid day off at the bank.  I get to hang out in new UC pajamas, drink pumpkin spice coffee, and re-watch a movie I have already seen a dozen times.  Plus I get to meet Mom and Dad for lunch as they head home from a mini-vacation.

As much as I enjoy days like today, I should also take a few moments to remember why today is a federal holiday.  It is supposed to be  more than weekend sales and days away from school/work!

The third Monday in February has always been known to me as Presidents Day.  I have a distant memory (or figment of my imagination) of being told during elementary school that President's Day is the day we celebrate both birthdays for both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  Officially, the US Office of Personnel Management cites today as Washington's Birthday.  

From what I can gather from a variety of online sources (yes, I'll admit--I did check wiki first) George Washington's birthday is actually February 22nd and Abe Lincoln's birthday is actually February 12th.  I suppose for the purpose of productivity in the workplace, it is more economical to celebrate all the great presidents on one day as opposed to each of their individual birthdays.  For the purpose of uniformity, it also makes sense to shift all of these days of celebration to a specified Monday in the designated month.

Washington's birthday is a day that has been celebrated in the United States for a long time--even before Lincoln took office!  This little known tidbit explains (at least to me) why some sources cite today as Washington's Birthday as opposed to President's Day.

In addition to the two great presidents that we celebrate, I believe all of the presidents deserve an extra bit of recognition today.  If you want more information, as I am definitely not a reliable source, please ask Google!
To help you enjoy this day a little bit more, I'll share this entertaining video I found today.   While it is educational, it is also quite entertaining!  Enjoy!

44 Presidents rap song

For more entertaining and educational songs, please
visit EducationalRap.com. There you will find other
songs as well as alternate renditions so that you may
test the knowledge you may have learned! Have Fun!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

T.H.I.N.K. Before you Speak

Want to see more? Find the website here!

As a child, my parents always told me "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."  

I found this picture earlier today and was reminded of the lesson in kindness and respect my parents strived to teach me such a seemingly long time ago.  While it is such a simple thing to do--I have found that it is also an easy lesson to forget or ignore.

Taking a moment to think before you speak is simple.  And it only takes a moment of your time.  Consider the possible consequences by spreading gossip and rumors that are NOT true and NOT helpful and NOT inspiring and NOT necessary and NOT kind.  Remember your childhood lessons and T.H.I.N.K. for just a moment before you say anything.  It is an easy thing to do!

I have watched one of my close friends from college make it a point to be a positive person and surround herself with good influences.  I've told you before, but thanks again for your inspiration KT.  In making the effort to follow KT's footsteps and find all the positive sides to my life, I have had to tell other friends on numerous occasions that I don't want to hear the latest gossip and drama.  Why?

  1. I do not need gossip as a continuing necessity in existence.  I do need positive influences.
  2. Gossip isn't helping anyone in positive ways.  Talking about people behind their back is hurtful!
  3. I find that hearing some of the latest gossip brings me down.  I want to be inspired--not deflated!

Sure...being a part of the gossip circle may make you feel 'in the loop' or 'part of the group.'  Whether your gossiping intent is innocent or malicious, what you are really doing to yourself is creating negative karma and unnecessary conflict.  Lets not do that!

Lets turn the gossip around for a minute.  Would you appreciate your friends talking about YOU when you are not around in the same manner that you talk about them?  If you answered 'no' then you might want to start thinking more about what you say.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Positive Results

"The person who sends out positive thoughts activates the world around him positively and draws back to himself positive results." 
                                                           --Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

The Power of Positive Thinking--it is a book we have all heard about.  Dr. Norman Vincent Peale is the author of that book and is a progenitor of the idea of thinking positive.  He was also a minister and public speaker during his life as well as an Ohio native.

This is an example of my skills as a Lighting Director! I
interviewed with a local company that does everything--
lights, video, graphic design, and full event planning!
As a recent grad still on the job hunt, I am constantly telling myself that by not being hired as a result of any previous interviews is really a good thing!  I'm just still waiting to find the job that will best complement the skills I have thus far attained.  By being positive about the situation, I am not giving myself an opportunity to feel let down.

This more suggestive still is another example I brought.
Good (left) was meant to change throughout this short
into nothing better than Evil (right).
The way I see it, if I am meant to fail, I will.  On the other hand, if I believe in myself and take the appropriate actions toward finding the right job, I will be able to find the perfect fit; time is the only question.  I don't think I am going to fail myself in my job search, so I will not be able to fail.

Knowing I had an interview today, I told myself that it would go well.  With this mindset, I was able to maintain a confident attitude.  I believe the experience was extremely positive.  Also, knowing that I was not interviewing for a specific job took away the nerves :)

"Watch your manner of speech if you wish to develop a peaceful state of mind. Start each day by affirming peaceful, contented and happy attitudes and your days will tend to be pleasant and successful."
                                                           --Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Monday, February 13, 2012

That (insert adjective) day on February 14...

Valentines Day, Single's Awareness Day, or Anti-Valentines Day
Find time to be positive with your relationship status!

There is more than one holiday that is celebrated on February 14.  Most notably is Valentines Day, the holiday for relationship people to tell their loved ones how much they care…with flowers, chocolate, stuffed animals and Hallmark cards.  However, on the same day there are also two other semi-holidays increasingly celebrated as alternatives:  Single’s Awareness Day and Anti-Valentines Day.

People who are O.K. with being single can celebrate Single’s Awareness Day.  They often have celebrations with other single people and are generally positive about their unattached state.  These people are often single by choice.

People who aren’t so happy about being single at that time of year may decide to celebrate Anti-Valentines Day instead.  This day is not a celebration but more of a grieving time.  It is generally used by people who haven’t found or are unable to find a valentine.

You should always be Positive!
A broken heart is temporary. You
never know when you will meet
that special someone!
After learning about the alternative February 14th holidays, one friend, BW, says that ”[Single’s Awareness Day] makes me feel incredibly alone but happily single.”  If he were to celebrate, he would choose some “good movies, pizza, and comfort ‘me’ time.”  BW also says “a single’s party sounds sort of fun too.”

Another friend, NP, doesn’t know if he would celebrate any of the three holiday choices.  “Being single by choice and Valentines Day always poses a dilemma,” says NP.  “People get all puffed up with expectations and that makes me uncomfortable.”

Matt Brick, creator of <www.singlesawareness.com> thinks "Our culture is definitely weighted towards couples, but in the [last] few decades the rise in divorce rates and other changes in society have fueled more single people than ever before."  *More Info & Ideas Here*

Celebrate Single's Awareness Day (SAD)
by wearing Green--Red's opposite on
the color wheel!
Although more widely celebrated, Valentines Day is not always the preferred holiday for relationship people.  Some relationship people choose to not to celebrate Valentines Day because they do not want to follow the commercialism giants.

It is possible to celebrate any of these holidays without supporting commercial giants.  You can send your friends free, personalized E-Cards celebrating your choice of February 14 holidays to their E-Mail inbox.

“If you love someone, you shouldn’t just love them on one day that is set for you by the crazy holiday system, you should love them every day.” says RR.  “If you want to show it, show it, but not because you feel like you have to.”

There is no shame in being single.  Brick suggests using the day to treat yourself to a manicure or hair styling or treating strangers by volunteering your time in a hospital or nursing home.  Spend your time being happy.  You never know when you will meet that special someone!

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Change: How You Think!

So what really is 'PositiveSpace' you ask?

In art it is the subject that breaks itself from the background.  It is the opposite of negative space.  Negative space is the space around a subject that attracts the eye.  An example of negative space is the light outline of a silhouette.

Origin website! Click for more examples!
The classic: Face or Vase?

Depending on how you look at the image, you will see either a vase or two faces.

The black vase is an example of the use of positive space.  The white space is an example of negative space.

By changing how you  look at the image, you should also be able to see two faces looking at each other.  This turns the positive space into the white and the negative space into the black.

The reasons why you will see one or the other first is based on how your brain reacts to the image.  In short, by changing the way you think about what you are seeing, you change how your brain interprets the same image--hence why it changes from a vase (what I saw first) to the two faces.

Perhaps he said it best.  Thanks for sharing Danielle.
In the same way you change your thinking to interpret two distinctly different images is also the way you can change your outlook on the rest of the world!

Tell yourself to see a positive--make yourself smile if you must--and you will find that you can see more positive than you realized you were missing!  The cup is only half empty if that is how you choose to see it!

How does this tidbit about art and thinking play out in your everyday life though?  The answer is simple.  You see positive and negative spaces around your life everywhere!  See what you already do, change your thinking, and find the positivity you need--whether it be art or turning a negative event into a positive outlook!  Be the change!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Positive Space

For all of five awesome subscribers, you may have noticed a significant amount of randomness of the topics to which I have been writing about.  I'll explain. Kind of...

Delicious Cupcake! And Random!
Sure, it is interesting to debunk doomsday myths on the internet and to research the origins of Groundhog's Day or to photographically explain the process of cupcake making...but how does knowing these reasons have any applicable value?  It's not like you need a cram session before your impending appearance on Jeopardy.

My job search is slow.  Most of the positions I am finding are for experienced producers and other television professionals; only a few are part time entry level positions.  Considering I graduated sixty days ago from my undergraduate studies, I am still very much a beginner.  In the meantime however I am still working part time as well as writing here.

I think that I am trying to productively occupy my 'free' time.  Being the random person I am, random topics seem to suit me.  Being the intelligent person I strive to be, meaningful content is my goal.  

All this being said, I would like to take this opportunity to push my blog into an actual and (hopefully) meaningful direction.  I will now delve into the world of 

I hope you will join in my exploration of finding all of the positivity I can find in life :) 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Second of February

How will you celebrate February
Second?  I can't say I will kiss a
groundhog?  How about you?

Groundhog Day: The day where a semi cute round furry brown thing with big teeth unborrows itself to determine whether or not winter has ended.  February second has a number of other meanings too!

February 2 is the thirty-third day of 2012.  Since this is also a leap year (yay! I get a half birthday!) there are three hundred thirty three days remaining in 2012.

Groundhog Day is a holiday listed on most calendars in the United States and Canada.  In kindergarden it is a big celebration.  In 1993 Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell stared in a movie of the same name that is undoubetly being aired on a number of cable channels today (admit it--this makes you happy).  In Punxsutawney (a borough in southeastern Pennsylvania) there is a large celebration--expecting over 40,000 people--taking place!

What does February 2nd mean to you though?  According to the folklore story you (most likely)grew up with, if the groundhog sees its shadow (as happened today in Punxsutawney) then there will be six more weeks of winter.  If the groundhog comes out of its burrow to a cloudy day then spring will arrive early!
Fluffy Meets The Groundhog (level 3) (Hello Reader)
There are even books about it.
Find this book at Amazon!

In other parts of the world, February 2nd is a day to remember for other reasons. 
     ~Portugal celebrates The Candel√°ria Day on
       February 2nd
     ~England fought the Battle of Mortimer's Cross as a
       part ot the 1491 War of the Roses
     ~Grand Central Terminal opened in New York City in
       1913 (I know--not really another part of the world)

Regardless of how you spend this lovely mild and sunny Groundhog Day, I hope it is a great day for you!  Tell me how you enjoyed Groundhog Day in the comment box below!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

FREE Things To Do When You Are BORED!!!

You have lots of homework. It isn't due tomorrow though. You need to clean you room...but don't feel like picking the clothes up to do the laundry.  You have seen all the re-runs on tv...on more than one occasion. You would go out with friends...but your cash supplies are running low.  You have been trolling Facebook for hours...and your friend's lives are no longer entertaining. Admit it--we have all been there. You are B-O-R-E-D!

Bloons Tower Defense 4.
Sooo many Sun Gods!
If you are in such a predicimate today, lets find the positivity in your excess of time!  Please feel free to borrow from my list of ideas below!

1. This could be an excellent opportunity to catch yourself up on the latest flash web games!  I happen to like playing with the super monkeys in Bloons Tower Defense!  You can find the game by asking Google or at http://www.bored.com/.  Bored.com is FREE site FILLED with HOURS of entertainment!  Another option is http://www.pogo.com/ where you can play a number of FREE games with other actual people!  You should check out the online Monopoly! 

This is my choice of Blog homes!
2. As a second method of entertaining yourself, you could start your very own blog like me!  Blogger is an excellent, FREE, way to spend your time.  You have lots of other options too--Tumbler, Twitter, Wordpress, Weebly, Thoughts...the list goes on!  At any of these sites, you have the opportunity to tell the world about anything you want to!  Do you have a special hobby?  Are you just a random person like me with many random interests?  A blog may be the perfect option to fill the empty time in your life.  Gain a following and it will be even more fun!

I like number 4!
3.  The obvious bordom solution--take the time to do the things for yourself that you never feel like you have time to do!  Get a haircut, have your nails done, enjoy a relaxing bubble bath, write your parents a random thank-you note for everything they do for you.  Do something from your To-Do list that has been there for a while!  And most importantly...have fun with it!

4.  You need to be home to do the following activities--but I PROMISE that ALL of these ideas will have a potential usefullness or entertainment factor!  The are not all absolutely free (depending on what you have at home) but try them anyway!
Decorating cupcakes and cookies
takes time and is fun! Be Creative!
          1. Watch TV on mute.  Make up your own
              storyline and dialogue!
          2. Plan a fun outing with your friends for the
              upcoming weekend!  Get everyone involved--
              perhaps a scavenger hunt?
          3. Cook a new concoction based on the food you
              already have in your cupboards! (Asking
              Google can help with your creativity)
          4. Bake COOKIES!!!  Or CUPCAKES!!!
          5. Take everything in a room and rearange it! 
              You'll be amazed what you will have forgotten
              you had!  It is a great opportunity to donate
              old things too!

I hope you found at least one fun or useful thing to do here!  Let my other readers know what else you like to do by leaving a comment below!