Monday, February 13, 2012

That (insert adjective) day on February 14...

Valentines Day, Single's Awareness Day, or Anti-Valentines Day
Find time to be positive with your relationship status!

There is more than one holiday that is celebrated on February 14.  Most notably is Valentines Day, the holiday for relationship people to tell their loved ones how much they care…with flowers, chocolate, stuffed animals and Hallmark cards.  However, on the same day there are also two other semi-holidays increasingly celebrated as alternatives:  Single’s Awareness Day and Anti-Valentines Day.

People who are O.K. with being single can celebrate Single’s Awareness Day.  They often have celebrations with other single people and are generally positive about their unattached state.  These people are often single by choice.

People who aren’t so happy about being single at that time of year may decide to celebrate Anti-Valentines Day instead.  This day is not a celebration but more of a grieving time.  It is generally used by people who haven’t found or are unable to find a valentine.

You should always be Positive!
A broken heart is temporary. You
never know when you will meet
that special someone!
After learning about the alternative February 14th holidays, one friend, BW, says that ”[Single’s Awareness Day] makes me feel incredibly alone but happily single.”  If he were to celebrate, he would choose some “good movies, pizza, and comfort ‘me’ time.”  BW also says “a single’s party sounds sort of fun too.”

Another friend, NP, doesn’t know if he would celebrate any of the three holiday choices.  “Being single by choice and Valentines Day always poses a dilemma,” says NP.  “People get all puffed up with expectations and that makes me uncomfortable.”

Matt Brick, creator of <> thinks "Our culture is definitely weighted towards couples, but in the [last] few decades the rise in divorce rates and other changes in society have fueled more single people than ever before."  *More Info & Ideas Here*

Celebrate Single's Awareness Day (SAD)
by wearing Green--Red's opposite on
the color wheel!
Although more widely celebrated, Valentines Day is not always the preferred holiday for relationship people.  Some relationship people choose to not to celebrate Valentines Day because they do not want to follow the commercialism giants.

It is possible to celebrate any of these holidays without supporting commercial giants.  You can send your friends free, personalized E-Cards celebrating your choice of February 14 holidays to their E-Mail inbox.

“If you love someone, you shouldn’t just love them on one day that is set for you by the crazy holiday system, you should love them every day.” says RR.  “If you want to show it, show it, but not because you feel like you have to.”

There is no shame in being single.  Brick suggests using the day to treat yourself to a manicure or hair styling or treating strangers by volunteering your time in a hospital or nursing home.  Spend your time being happy.  You never know when you will meet that special someone!

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