Friday, August 31, 2012

I know it is Friday, but...

I have decided that Wednesday is seriously the best day ever to have a birthday.  Seriously.

I have always thought that my birthday fell at the perfect time of a month: the end.  This way I had the whole month to get excited for and to look forward to my special day!  Well, this year it also happened to fall on a Wednesday.
My delicious Oreo®  Dream Extreme Cheesecake!

Because Wednesday is the hump day between two weekends, I started early on Sunday by visiting with my little and grand-little (whom calls me grandma-LOL) at our favorite place, the Cheesecake Factory.  I had my leftover sandwitch for breakfast on Tuesday and my delicious leftover Oreo® Dream Extreme Cheesecake for my birthday breakfast--breakfast of champions! Right?

Monday I again dined out.  I partook in Longhorn's succulent bacon covered steak with a loaded baked potato and a brownie ice cream sundae for dessert!  It was a tiny bit healthy.  I started with a salad and had plenty to take home!

By Tuesday, you can probably tell I had a few leftovers in the fridge!  I ate my leftover steak and potatoes for dinner.  It was just as good reheated!  And then I enjoyed the company of a good friend as we went out for UDF deep freezes.

Happy Wednesday was the best day I could have asked for!  I had cheesecake for breakfast, my co-workers brought me cupcakes at lunch, I had an ice-cream sunday at I-Hop (where I was also sung to for the first time in a restaurant and used my first of several birthday email coupon offers!), and was surprised (after a 20 minute car ride filled with 'maybe' as the answer to each and every one of my questions about where and what we were doing) with a M&M Ice cream log cake by Dairy Queen!  And I got to keep the leftovers!

My Godiva birthday truffles, Maggiano's full size
entrees to go, and Tiramisu for the road!
But since I-Hop had not been my first choice in birthday dinner (I got off work late on Wednesday and didn't feel like getting dressed up for a nice dinner), I was able to have a rain check for Maggianos for today!  I had cheese ravioli, spinach bacon salad, and tiramisu! And the best part about our trip to Maggianos isn't the birthday coupon, is the complementary full size entrees to go!

And to top off a week filled with great food, I used my birthday coupon to Godiva to buy truffles!  I got one free truffle as a monthly reason to visit, and ten dollars off any purchase of ten dollars or more.  All in all, I walked out with 7 super yummy looking truffles for $3.60!!!!

Whomever said the last fun birthday is '21' clearly has not met my friends, family, or email birthday discount offers.  My 24 has probably been the best birthday yet AND I still have a weekend with my parents and sister to look forward to, AND a trip to pick out my birthday present with my significant other!  (Sperrys to replace my hole filled moccasins!)

What has your best ever birthday been?