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... is awesome!!!
Level 102, Rank 55, RBE 1,002,500

Level 110, Rank 58, RBE 771,420
As much as I loved playing BTD4 (Bloons Tower Defense 4), the upgrades, new tracks, new towers, and new features of Ninja Kiwi's BTD5 blow BTD4 out of the water!

My favorite new feature is the Daily Challenge.  During one such challenge, I needed to pass levels 85-95 on difficulty medium starting with $200,000 monkey money.  Not only did I pass the mere ten levels filled with MOAB Class bloons, I managed to make it past level 124.

I have read rumors online that a level 200 exists, but I cannot imagine that my circa 2007 model computer would ever be able to handle such strain.  Anyone that has ever played any of the BTD games can attest to the sever degree of lag that begins past the 50th or 60th levels.  During the 110's and 120's that I played, I estimate my computer was only able to process 3-6 frames per second.
Level 121, Rank 62

I know that taking 20+ minutes to play a single round of the game is a huge waste of time, but I had sooooo much firepower on my board that I was honestly wondering whether or not I would be able to loose the game.  I don't believe I have ever played so many rounds without loosing a single life!

In this epic rendition of bloon popping game, I leveled up from rank 50 to rank 64.  I literally popped millions of bloons in that time.

For anyone unfamiliar with BTD, the lowest level bloon is red.  A blue will be popped and turn into a red.  A green turns into a blue.  Then there are yellow, pink, black, white, zebra, ceramic, and three classes of MOAB Class bloons--each harder to pop than the predecessor.  To make it even harder, the MOAB Class bloons award fewer monkey dollars in consideration to the firepower it takes to pop one!  Re-growing heart shaped bloons in every color are a new way the game tests your firepower.

Level 120, Rank 62, RBE 1,152,760
So much firepower :)
The game gives you time to prep your board for more hoards of incoming bloons as, with most games, the upcoming level is going to be a little bit harder than the level before it.  Special agents are a new feature that work with your towers.  I'll let you try those out yourself.

From the pictures to the right, you can see that one of my favorite towers is the Super Monkey.  The Yellow Sphinx like tower is the Sun God.  This used to be my favorite Super Monkey Upgrade.  But the Technological Terror upgrade in BTD5 is even better.  By the end of my game play, I had built:
  • Thirteen Technological Terror Super Monkeys
  • Three Monkey Town Monkey Villages
  • Three Viral Frost Ice Towers
  • Two Banana Investments Advisory Banana Farms
  • Two Sun God Super Monkeys
  • One Bloon Liquifier Glue Gunner
  • One Absolute Zero Ice Tower
  • One Aircraft Carrier Monkey Buccaneer
  • One Monkey Pirate Monkey Buccaneer
  • One Tempest Tornado Monkey Apprentice
  • One Summon Phoenix Monkey Apprentice
  • One Bloon Impact Bomb Tower
  • One Spike Storm Spike Factory
This was an epic game for me.  Sure, it may have been a waste of time, but I killed the game.  If you haven't tried BTD5 (or any other Ninja Kiwi BTD game) I am highly recommending you give it a chance!

This is what I saw after the game had a freak out during
Level 125.  It was a very disappointing end to such an
epic game, but it was probably for the best.

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