Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Scorned: My first Paid Gig!

As you may remember, I was hired for a small two day project for the UC Health Cardiovascular institute a few weeks ago.  I worked the gig, knowing I was an unpaid volunteer, simply so I could get my name out and meet other Cincinnati area freelance media professionals.

I think that effort and hard work has gotten me my first paid gig!

Yesterday I was called to see if I was available for a three week shoot that started today.  Since my regular part time job is entering the busiest season of the year, I obviously cannot take that much time off with such short notice.  I offered my availability as is without inconveniencing my current employer and got a good news phone call today!

Tomorrow I will be working on Scorned in Portsmouth, Ohio as a Production Assistant Intern.  If all goes well, I will also have the opportunity to assist the grip and electric with the lighting set ups for a few days at a time until the end of the shoot!  I imagine there will be a lot I can learn--apparently part of the filming will take place in the woods at night which means I will get to learn about generaters first hand as well as controlling shadows when you can't move the source (a tree)!

I do not have much info about the project, but based on what Google told me, Scorned is an independent movie.  The thriller involves the girlfriend seeking revenge on the best friend after learning that the boyfriend cheated with the girlfriend's best friend.

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