Thursday, January 13, 2011

WOOT! I'm on Air!

So, the client I was working with for a project for a class I completed last quarter liked the work I did!

In my Commercial Audio Production class, the big project for the quarter was to work with a real life company and create radio advertisements.  Being a member of the University of Cincinnati Bearcat Bands, I immediately thought about Buddy Rogers Music Store.

Buddy Rogers Music Store is a Cincinnati based chain of music stores.  They carry a range of musical products from school band to rock and roll.  As part of their advertising plans, they sponsor many of the musical organizations that already purchase their products.  The UC Band is one of these sponsored organizations.

I believe that this previously existing connection aided in the ease of our communication with each other.  I met with him once as I was to for the class, but also kept him updated with the status of the project.  Once the projects were finished for the course, I figured that I should complete what I told my client I would do even though a grade no-longer depended on it.

He loved the work I had done and liked both the concepts I had created.

The coolest part about the project is that he purchased air time on the university run internet based radio station!  I just think it is pretty cool.

***coming soon: audio files!***