Thursday, May 31, 2012

May is Wrapping up!

We used the fire escape
for great angles in our
48 hour shoot!
April Showers bring May Flowers!

While I can't say that I have really seen many 'May Flowers' aside from stores, I have been enjoying a month full of lovely weather and personal opportunity.

Besides the great weather,  I have...
  1. Successfully assisted in the compleation of a 48 Hour Film Project as the Gaffer!
  2. I was awarded an achievement award for being one of the top employees in my work region!
  3. I met and worked with a group of freelance media professionals on my first gig as a production assistant!
  4. And I realized that I officially own 60% of my car!
  5. This is just a sample of what I helped
    create on a freelance project last week!
  6. Surpassed 2,000 overall page views on this blog!
I know these aren't the most exciting positive experieces for everyone, but I am excited for these successes, no matter how small they may seem!

I hope your month of May was as good as mine was!

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Gig: Day One Follow-up

I have had an awesome few weeks filled with opportunity.  As I previewed last week, I was able to go to my first non-school, non-48 Hour Project filled with friends lighting shoot.

So the shoot was technically at and for school--but at and for the university, not for a grade!  UC Health has a number of really smart scientist researching a number of ideas that will one day (hopefully) help people survive and recuperate better from heart attacks.

While I was not paid (I told Zach that I wanted to help out even if there was not room in the budget to pay me), I am confident that I made a good impression with the other people on set.  Several of them told me they want to keep my contact info so they can call me about work in the future!  We'll see what happens, but I hope they call!  I had a lot of fun!

Being the smart person I am early in the morning, I left my camera at home.  So, all the pictures I have from the set are with my lovely 2.0 MP camera phone!  I know they aren't the greatest quality, but I think you will get the idea of what the lighting crew did to make the set look AWESOME!

We used a combination of 3 Dedo's with party color from
behind as well as a KinoFlo Barfly from the front to accent and
highlight the array of science equipment in the background.

Each of the researchers we interviewed had a KinoFlo Diva
as their key light.  Here, you can also see the results of the
party red/patterned Leko we used to accentuate the heart
poster behind our subject and the party yellow 300 watt
fresnel separating the background wall from the darkness.

Our DP and Gaffer lining up the next researcher in the frame
and tweaking the lights.  And might I mention that the DP
had some really awesome equipment!

Your exclusive behind the scenes look at the array of lights.
On the far left, you see a dedo with a party red color accenting
the shelf.  Next is 
the party yellow 300 watt fresnel adding a
splash of color to separate the background from darkness.  The
third light is a splash of blue on the pillar next to the heart poster.
We added it part way through the shoot to break up the red from
the leko.  Lastly, on the far right is another dedo with party green
that is accenting the bottom row of science equipment.

Thanks for taking a few minutes from your day to check in and see what I am doing.  When I find my phone again I'll update you with what we did in our Day Two of the UC Cardio shoot.  You might even get to see a mouse heart!

Until then, Have a Marvelous Monday!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I have a gig!

So, I am still having some amount of difficulty finding a full time position in media.  But, thanks to my 48 Hour weekend, I was able to talk to one of my previous teachers!  Zach Riggins is the owner of GripMeister Lighting here in Cincinnati.  His business philosophy is to “Help the small producer grow and in turn, we will grow.”  It seems to be working well for him because his business has been growing steadly since he started GripMeister in 1995.

Anyway, while I was talking to Zach this past weekend, he was contacted about lighting a commercial for UC Medical Center tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday.  As an individual that is seeking experience in media production, I would be crazy to not ask if I could help out! 

Zach is trying to find a piece of the budget to pay me something for the two full days of work, but I assured him that I want to help out even if he can't pay me.  Seriously, I need experience and Zach has A LOT of GREAT media connections in Cincinnati!  I'm sure that whatever he can offer me in gaining experience will be well worth my time.

The better part of the story though is that aparently Zach had no idea that my current employment is only part time.  Since his assistant recently left, I am hoping that if I make a good impression on the set the next few days that Zach would consider hiring me!  He seemed interested when I told him that I typically have about three to four days of availability each week.

We'll see what happens!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

48 Hour Update: The Wrap-up

It's official.  KeenOver Productions made it to the end of our 48 hours in one piece.  We didn't have any major hiccups this year and our project, now named The Tenant, was turned in with 5 minutes to spare :)

Because we chose to have the conclusion of The Tenant take place at night, I was able to attend my Band Formal and Awards Ceremony!  DH and myself even took a good picture at the same time without too many attempts!  If you know us, then you know that hardly ever happens!

Also in the realm of good news relating to Band Formal--DH was awarded the Director's Award for having significant contributions to TUCBIDG during his time as a band student!

Also because we chose to have the conclusion of The Tenant take place at night, we were up very late on Saturday night to wrap up shooting.  I threw my sleep schedule a little out of wack so I am am just now getting these awesome production stills uploaded!

By late night, what I really mean is I didn't leave downtown until after 3:00 am.  And I have a super awesome boyfriend that will stay up until I call him at 3:00 am to ask him to pick me up so I can go home and go to bed.  Thanks!

For this project, I designed all of the lighting setups and was the head Gaffer!  We were also able to have one of BK's talented friends compose and produce an all original score--and let me tell you--it is awesome!

What I am sure to be the most interesting thing today is the film stills that you are waiting for!  Here they are!
This is part of the intro.  We had cat toys ready to help keep
Yoshi's attention!  
One of the awesome things about this shoot is the infamous jib!
Even though it was large and bulky (despite being the smallest
one we could rent) we all absolutely loved the movements
the jib allowed us to make with the camera!

Part of the basis to our story is the history of this elevator.
Since it was so small we had to get a little creative with the
lighting--notice the light on the iPhone.  I Hollywood-ed
(hand held) a KinoFlo Barfly 4 bank with tungsten tubes
from outside the elevator as well for a different camera angle.

This is the reverse shot of the picture
to my left!  Despite what you see in
the camera in the picture, it was a
really awesome edit for our film!

The shower scene.  Every great thriller
has at least one!  Here, our villian (black)
is trying to 'reach out to' (suffocate)
our leading lady!

Please not that the blood on our leading lady is FAKE!  Also,
please note that I did not take this picture (the rest are mine)
We were shooting downtown Cincinnati on 9th Street and
were freaking out everyone that came by!  We explained it
was for a contest submission and our leading lady assured
all of the pedestrians that she was not injured in any way :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

48 Hour Update: Halfway There!

Sorry for the short post!  KeenOver Productions is very busy this weekend!  Take a few minutes to enjoy the pictures we have so far!

I'm proud that I was able to fit all the lighting equipment in my car!
Us getting creative by shoot from a balcony

Abrah Kadabrah Alakazam!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Countdown to the Festival is...


Or has another one just begun?

I'm excited to say that I have just picked up my lighting equipment from Gripmeister and am headed to our home base for the 2012 edition of the 48 Hour Film Project Cincinnati!  (YAY!)  As of 7:00 pm I will be working with an awesome group of friends to plan, shoot, and edit a short film that we must finish and submit by 7:00 pm on Sunday night!

What will our topic be?  Last year we made a Sci-Fi film involving an alcoholic that believes he is a robot that is seeking love.  Something tells me that our project will be equally as special this go around as it was last.

I am working with most of the same people that were part of the group for last year's participation, so I am hoping that we can do even better this year!  There were thirty (?) or so teams last year--and a similar number of teams this year--and we came in the top ten.  Hopefully we will do even better this year!

As per the official rules of the competition, I will not be able to release any more than a 48 second trailer--so you will have to wait until the premier of the cities films to see it--sorry!  What I will be able to do this weekend though is provide you with a few behind the scenes pictures!

Check back later this weekend for a sample!  I think it will be worth your visit!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Got an Award!

This was awarded to me yesterday morning at an awards breakfast for my company.  I am excited to have been invited to be a part of the very first Champions Club Award winners  I was one of the top 25 employees in my market for the first quarter of 2012--which says something because there are 92 different branches with employees in a number of positions up for consideration!  I should also note that my employment credentials (including sales numbers, cash balancing, customer service ratings, etc) were stacked against full time employees--not just other part time employees like myself.

I don't mean to brag, but I just strive to do my best everyday.  I think my parents are the first people that taught me to do that when I was a child.  Thanks for the lessons--they are paying off now!  As Olympic Champion Steven Prefontaine is quoted to say, "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift."  This is one of my favorite sayings.  While I first encountered it as the back of a Cross Country shirt my team had in high school, I have found that it is a great way to live my life in the variety of academic and professional settings I have encountered.  I mean, what is the point in taking the energy to do something if you aren't going strive to do well?  And while I don't need an award from my company to tell me I am doing what I set out to do, I won't lie that it feels nice to have my accomplishments recognized by higher up managers.

My assistant manager, who was one of the other top 24 employees, gave me my invitation in the beginning of May.  Of all the branches in consideration, mine was the only branch to have two employees invited!

If you would like to see my award (and me) in person, come find me at work!  Our regional manager joked that he made sure that the award placard met our company's branch appearance standards so that we could all proudly show it off!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thanks Mom!

Happy Mothers Day!
Thanks for everything, Mom!
This is an annual celebration that has origins dating all the way back to the ancient Greeks spring celebration to Reah, a maternal goddess.  The Romans held a similar festival honoring Cybele, also a maternal goddess.  Centuries later, Mothering Sunday emerged in the Christian faith on the fourth Sunday of Lent.  As a part of honoring mothers, children would give gifts and flowers to their mothers as a tribute for their work.

Today, Mothers Day as we know it has greeting cards, phone calls, candy, chocolate, flowers, gifts, jewelry, and nice restaurant meals.  Through the years, I believe we have provided all of the aforementioned items for my mom.  If you haven't done anything for your mom yet, it isn't too late!   Here are some low cost bank account friendly ideas you can try:
  • Some home made cookies/cupcakes/mom's favorite _____
  • Dinner Night: Mom's choice--or cook at home for her and wash the dishes
  • Movie Night: Mom's choice of Redbox!
  • Forget snail mail.  Try a free animated E-Card straight to your mom's email
  • Coupons to clean or cook or take mom out to her choice of adventures
  • Your choice of Mothers Day Cards with a promissory note you can locate below
  • A simple hug and kind word of thanks
  • A fresh cut bouquet of your May Flowers :)

$56.40: Guest-imations of what I would owe
Mom if this was a real organization and cause!
As a part of this year's Mother's Day Celebration, I found an awesomely hilarious website: The American Coalition for Labor Reparations.  The ACFLR is a factious organization.  The 'purpose' is "for the effective, impartial calculation and repayment of motherly labor."  You can even email an invoice with your intent for repayment to your mother!

Anyway, at this website, I imputed my guest-imations of the trials (stretch marks, weight gain, forced sobriety, etc) that my mom had to deal with in the nine months before my arrival in the world.  These inputs all have an associated price that determines how much I 'owe' my mom for her labor.  Since I am a 'good offspring' because I plan to recognize my mom tomorrow, the ACFLR website says I am granted an 80% discount!  This brings my total due to mom to $56.40.

While some aspects of Mothers Day may have found themselves commercialized, I believe the original intent is still apparent: honoring mothers.  Regardless of what you think about the celebration, take a few minutes tomorrow and thank your mom for all she has done throughout your existence.

Thanks for everything, Mom.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Childhood Fantasy Nobody Has EVER Accomplished...(and for good reason too)

Remember when you were a little bitty squirt-kid?  I do.  And I'm willing to take a bet with you about something you thought about doing.

Do you accept?  Keep reading if you do!

Take a minute to think about it first.
Good.  You accepted!  I'm willing to bet that when you were a little bitty kid, you dreamt of digging a hugely ginormous super big hole in the ground and planned to tunnel to the other side of the world in China.

You thought you could dig a hole to China.  Right?  I think almost every little kid growing up in the US thought that.  I know I did.  I vaguely remember an episode of Rugrats suggesting the idea to me.

Anyway--onward to the picture below:

This is a picture of my antipodes map.  I would end up in the Indian Ocean near the western coast of Australia (assuming I didn't burn into a hot melted mess in the center of the earth first!)

Click on the link here and find out where you would end up!  Leave me a comment below to tell me what you discover!

P.S.  I hate to break it to you, but if you won your half of our bet...there is nothing physical you actually won.  But I'd love if you let me know you won!

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Weekend has Left the Building

But boy do I feel like I made it a great one!
I'm all smiles!  Happy Monday!
Saturday after work I...

  1. Cleaned my apartment (by compiling my piles of dirty laundry)
  2. Officially reserved lights and a jib for the upcoming 48 Hour Film Festival! (11 days!)
  3. Went out to lunch...and dinner :)
  4. Bought a new dress at St. Vincent De Paul for my upcoming Formal...for $3.59!!!
  5. Saw a new movie The Avengers.  I do recommend it!
  6. Enjoyed some quality hang out time with D and his family
Sunday I...

  1. Had a chance to sleep in a little
  2. Attended a non-traditional sermon series at Horizon Church where skeptics, doubters, and explorers put the minister in the 'hot seat.'  See more about that here.
  3. Mowed grass with D as a surprise for when his parents got home!
  4. Washed my laundry
  5. Took a nap!
  6. Began my freelance editing project for Greater Impact Ministries a few days early
  7. Chuckled when, as predicted, D's neighbor had to mow the grass since his was no longer shorter.
  8. Thoroughly enjoyed the AWESOME weather!
  9. Squeezed in a few episodes of Bones.
I hope your weekend had as much fun filled busy-ness that mine did!  Happy Monday Everyone!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Countdown begins!

May has arrived!  Which means the flowers should be here...  But more importantly...

...Also arriving in May is this year's 48 Hour Film Festival Cincinnati Edition!  After last year's success with both 'best song' award and a top ten finish for Cincinnati, I am ready to again embark in an exciting weekend journey with KeenOver Productions to seek for an even better end product.

I am excited to be able to use my four and a half years of E-Media training on a productive, and fun, project.  As I was last year, I will be the gaffer and lighting designer.  I also assume that I will assist in costuming, idea creation, site planning, and qualified opining making for other editing related activities.

The 2011 film project was the first weekend in August.  This year it is the middle of May.  Who knows?  Maybe KeenOver Productions will take a weekend to venture to the event in Columbus this July!  I'm sure my parents will be happy to host our busy minds! *hint*hint*Dad*

This is a sample from our 2011 project "Punch
Drunk Robot" where out genre was SciFi.  

Regardless of what happens in July, I am excited to begin my Cincinnati countdown.  The project begins in 16 days!