Tuesday, May 22, 2012

48 Hour Update: The Wrap-up

It's official.  KeenOver Productions made it to the end of our 48 hours in one piece.  We didn't have any major hiccups this year and our project, now named The Tenant, was turned in with 5 minutes to spare :)

Because we chose to have the conclusion of The Tenant take place at night, I was able to attend my Band Formal and Awards Ceremony!  DH and myself even took a good picture at the same time without too many attempts!  If you know us, then you know that hardly ever happens!

Also in the realm of good news relating to Band Formal--DH was awarded the Director's Award for having significant contributions to TUCBIDG during his time as a band student!

Also because we chose to have the conclusion of The Tenant take place at night, we were up very late on Saturday night to wrap up shooting.  I threw my sleep schedule a little out of wack so I am am just now getting these awesome production stills uploaded!

By late night, what I really mean is I didn't leave downtown until after 3:00 am.  And I have a super awesome boyfriend that will stay up until I call him at 3:00 am to ask him to pick me up so I can go home and go to bed.  Thanks!

For this project, I designed all of the lighting setups and was the head Gaffer!  We were also able to have one of BK's talented friends compose and produce an all original score--and let me tell you--it is awesome!

What I am sure to be the most interesting thing today is the film stills that you are waiting for!  Here they are!
This is part of the intro.  We had cat toys ready to help keep
Yoshi's attention!  
One of the awesome things about this shoot is the infamous jib!
Even though it was large and bulky (despite being the smallest
one we could rent) we all absolutely loved the movements
the jib allowed us to make with the camera!

Part of the basis to our story is the history of this elevator.
Since it was so small we had to get a little creative with the
lighting--notice the light on the iPhone.  I Hollywood-ed
(hand held) a KinoFlo Barfly 4 bank with tungsten tubes
from outside the elevator as well for a different camera angle.

This is the reverse shot of the picture
to my left!  Despite what you see in
the camera in the picture, it was a
really awesome edit for our film!

The shower scene.  Every great thriller
has at least one!  Here, our villian (black)
is trying to 'reach out to' (suffocate)
our leading lady!

Please not that the blood on our leading lady is FAKE!  Also,
please note that I did not take this picture (the rest are mine)
We were shooting downtown Cincinnati on 9th Street and
were freaking out everyone that came by!  We explained it
was for a contest submission and our leading lady assured
all of the pedestrians that she was not injured in any way :)

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