Friday, May 18, 2012

The Countdown to the Festival is...


Or has another one just begun?

I'm excited to say that I have just picked up my lighting equipment from Gripmeister and am headed to our home base for the 2012 edition of the 48 Hour Film Project Cincinnati!  (YAY!)  As of 7:00 pm I will be working with an awesome group of friends to plan, shoot, and edit a short film that we must finish and submit by 7:00 pm on Sunday night!

What will our topic be?  Last year we made a Sci-Fi film involving an alcoholic that believes he is a robot that is seeking love.  Something tells me that our project will be equally as special this go around as it was last.

I am working with most of the same people that were part of the group for last year's participation, so I am hoping that we can do even better this year!  There were thirty (?) or so teams last year--and a similar number of teams this year--and we came in the top ten.  Hopefully we will do even better this year!

As per the official rules of the competition, I will not be able to release any more than a 48 second trailer--so you will have to wait until the premier of the cities films to see it--sorry!  What I will be able to do this weekend though is provide you with a few behind the scenes pictures!

Check back later this weekend for a sample!  I think it will be worth your visit!

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