Monday, May 7, 2012

The Weekend has Left the Building

But boy do I feel like I made it a great one!
I'm all smiles!  Happy Monday!
Saturday after work I...

  1. Cleaned my apartment (by compiling my piles of dirty laundry)
  2. Officially reserved lights and a jib for the upcoming 48 Hour Film Festival! (11 days!)
  3. Went out to lunch...and dinner :)
  4. Bought a new dress at St. Vincent De Paul for my upcoming Formal...for $3.59!!!
  5. Saw a new movie The Avengers.  I do recommend it!
  6. Enjoyed some quality hang out time with D and his family
Sunday I...

  1. Had a chance to sleep in a little
  2. Attended a non-traditional sermon series at Horizon Church where skeptics, doubters, and explorers put the minister in the 'hot seat.'  See more about that here.
  3. Mowed grass with D as a surprise for when his parents got home!
  4. Washed my laundry
  5. Took a nap!
  6. Began my freelance editing project for Greater Impact Ministries a few days early
  7. Chuckled when, as predicted, D's neighbor had to mow the grass since his was no longer shorter.
  8. Thoroughly enjoyed the AWESOME weather!
  9. Squeezed in a few episodes of Bones.
I hope your weekend had as much fun filled busy-ness that mine did!  Happy Monday Everyone!

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