Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thanks Mom!

Happy Mothers Day!
Thanks for everything, Mom!
This is an annual celebration that has origins dating all the way back to the ancient Greeks spring celebration to Reah, a maternal goddess.  The Romans held a similar festival honoring Cybele, also a maternal goddess.  Centuries later, Mothering Sunday emerged in the Christian faith on the fourth Sunday of Lent.  As a part of honoring mothers, children would give gifts and flowers to their mothers as a tribute for their work.

Today, Mothers Day as we know it has greeting cards, phone calls, candy, chocolate, flowers, gifts, jewelry, and nice restaurant meals.  Through the years, I believe we have provided all of the aforementioned items for my mom.  If you haven't done anything for your mom yet, it isn't too late!   Here are some low cost bank account friendly ideas you can try:
  • Some home made cookies/cupcakes/mom's favorite _____
  • Dinner Night: Mom's choice--or cook at home for her and wash the dishes
  • Movie Night: Mom's choice of Redbox!
  • Forget snail mail.  Try a free animated E-Card straight to your mom's email
  • Coupons to clean or cook or take mom out to her choice of adventures
  • Your choice of Mothers Day Cards with a promissory note you can locate below
  • A simple hug and kind word of thanks
  • A fresh cut bouquet of your May Flowers :)

$56.40: Guest-imations of what I would owe
Mom if this was a real organization and cause!
As a part of this year's Mother's Day Celebration, I found an awesomely hilarious website: The American Coalition for Labor Reparations.  The ACFLR is a factious organization.  The 'purpose' is "for the effective, impartial calculation and repayment of motherly labor."  You can even email an invoice with your intent for repayment to your mother!

Anyway, at this website, I imputed my guest-imations of the trials (stretch marks, weight gain, forced sobriety, etc) that my mom had to deal with in the nine months before my arrival in the world.  These inputs all have an associated price that determines how much I 'owe' my mom for her labor.  Since I am a 'good offspring' because I plan to recognize my mom tomorrow, the ACFLR website says I am granted an 80% discount!  This brings my total due to mom to $56.40.

While some aspects of Mothers Day may have found themselves commercialized, I believe the original intent is still apparent: honoring mothers.  Regardless of what you think about the celebration, take a few minutes tomorrow and thank your mom for all she has done throughout your existence.

Thanks for everything, Mom.

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