Thursday, November 10, 2011

Here's Your Sneak Peak

        So...the project I am working on that I detailed in the post below is a work in progress.  What you can watch here is clearly (or should be clear) that it is not an unfinished portion of the intended project, but instead, a collaboration of the clips I have gathered into a sort-of montage set to the UC Fight Song.

        The UC Bearcat Bands traveled to Pittsburgh for the 2011 match up between the UC and Pitt football teams.  The trip was a lot of fun, despite traveling to and from in the same day.  The band did everything they set out to do that day, and since it was the Pitt Band Day as well, we joined with the Pitt Band and several hundred HS Band students to play versions of several popular Lady Gaga songs!

        For me, it was particularly exciting because Randy S, the announcer of the Bearcat Bands, and myself (mostly Randy) were able to literally walk into the press-box at Heinz Field and talk ourselves into 'credentials' for the night.  This basically means that we were able to get media press passes.  Since I am still in the beginning stages of my career, this may just seem significant to me because it is the first time someone gave me a legit media pass.  Regardless, it was super cool.

        Everything was shot with miniDV on a Sony DSR-PD 170, for anyone interested.  In fulfilling my being bored at home, this was edited using iMovie HD (the 2006 version).  The final project is in the process of being edited using Final Cut Pro.  It will be finished soon--I am getting my last needed interviews this upcoming Tuesday!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Coming Up Soon!

I've said it before and I'll say it again!  TUCBIDG
is awesome!  Here is a photo of The UC Marching
Band in script Cincinnati at a game in 2009. 
I am super excited for a new project I am about to embark upon!

I spend the first four years of my college career as an active member in the University of Cincinnati Bearcat Bands and am currently in my fifth (and last) year where I am a part time videographer.  I am also in a production class with The Norma Rashid who knows about my connections with the band.

As such, I have been volun-told (to my delight) to create a three minute insider feature of the band.  It is great timing too!  I'll be on a road trip with TUCBIDG this weekend as the UC Bearcats beat up on the Pittsburgh Panthers!

Yeah, yeah, yeah...another project by a band student about band. Right?  Wrong!  While I have focused a class project (on more than one occasion) on the band, this one will be massively different.  First off, it will be in HD Video!  Second, it is going to be awesome!

Doc, our fearless leader/head band director, is one of those jolly ol'men who is always happy to help his students in any way he can.  As such, he is more than happy to let me do my class project on an organization we both love.  He is also pleased that I suggested giving him the finished product for the band webpage <> so that prospective new members can get an inside look into the organization too.

While everything is still in the preliminary planning stages (aka--still in my head waiting to be written down), I only have a brief idea of what my finished product will be.  I do know that I am planning to do as much of the project by myself as I can--but also I am taking into account my production weaknesses of confidence in my writing and my mediocre video editing ability.  I say this not to diminish my abilities, but instead to admit that I have learned when to ask for help.  Additionally, I plan to interview at least two of the current band directors, a drum major, various students (mostly leaders), and an on-camera stand-up by yours truly.

I secretly think that Norma spent time scheming to find a way to get me to do an on-camera stand up because I was the only one in the class who was less than interested in that.  JK!  I know the band, what the organization is about, and what TUCBIDG stands for!