Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Countdown begins!

May has arrived!  Which means the flowers should be here...  But more importantly...

...Also arriving in May is this year's 48 Hour Film Festival Cincinnati Edition!  After last year's success with both 'best song' award and a top ten finish for Cincinnati, I am ready to again embark in an exciting weekend journey with KeenOver Productions to seek for an even better end product.

I am excited to be able to use my four and a half years of E-Media training on a productive, and fun, project.  As I was last year, I will be the gaffer and lighting designer.  I also assume that I will assist in costuming, idea creation, site planning, and qualified opining making for other editing related activities.

The 2011 film project was the first weekend in August.  This year it is the middle of May.  Who knows?  Maybe KeenOver Productions will take a weekend to venture to the event in Columbus this July!  I'm sure my parents will be happy to host our busy minds! *hint*hint*Dad*

This is a sample from our 2011 project "Punch
Drunk Robot" where out genre was SciFi.  

Regardless of what happens in July, I am excited to begin my Cincinnati countdown.  The project begins in 16 days!

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