Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Who Are You?

I know!  You should...

I'm trying to do this, and so should you!

Despite my search for all things positive in nature, a little part of me kind of feel like it shouldn't be surprised that yet another company has declined to offer me an open position after what I thought was a successful interview...but it still is one quick and easy way to make me have a bad afternoon.  Take note: don't ever take interview advice from me! (unless I am telling you to be persistent with job requisition activities!)

Back to the positive thinking: I know that once I do find a full time position, it will be a job worth waiting for.  It is hard to see now, but I know it will be a true thought when I look back to today from somewhere in my future.

I'm just impatient in this department of life.  I know I have several options that will help me in my quest, but choosing the right one is a place where I am getting stuck.  Stick around and I'll disclose my plans another day.  

Ultimately, whatever I do choose will be the best decision for me.  And I am who I am, because that is the best person I can be.  Thanks for the awesome words KK.

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