Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When one Door Closes...

... Another Door Opens.

Last week I received what I call an official rejection letter for a company I am literally head over heels for.  I already knew that I was not going to be hired at this time.

I am looking at the situation in a positive light.  I met this really super awesome company at a Co-Op career fair, so obviously, the really super awesome company was looking for Co-Op students.  As a recent graduate, I don't exactly fall into that category.  But being seen as an E-Media graduate by a company FULL of E-Media graduates, I was given an interview.

While I still wish this really super awesome company were able to hire me asap, I am confident that I left a good impression (my contact has stressed on three occasions that he will be happy to serve as a professional reference for any application I give to another company).  This company has never had Co-Op students before, and it does not sound like they were able to find a way for them to fit into what the company does.

So, long story short--none of the eleven interviewees were hired.  My contact at this company did let me know though that I was one of his top three choices (and all three of his choices would have fit into three different departments in this company)!  I am keeping my connections open and positive in hopes that they will think of me first when a position does become open.

As much as I wish the door for this really super awesome company could have been my open door into a professional media career, the door is (for now) closed.

Today's proof that other doors open:

This came from another awesome opportunity located in Cincinnati!  I've never been a part of a group interview before, but I am confident that this is MY time to shine!

The hiring event is this weekend and if I make it to the interviews, those start next Wednesday!  Hopefully I will hear nothing but GREAT news!

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