Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Today is a...

...GREAT DAY!!!  Happy Tuesday!  I hope your Monday was marvelous.  I have no complaints about my Monday.  Apparently I am not the only one!  

These are my thoughts exactly!  I appreciate AH sharing this for everyone to see.  Our world needs MORE positive thinking!

I had a great weekend, great day at work, a great dinner, and a great evening!  I love the feeling I get when I realize that other people can feel and express the exact thing that I am at a given moment.  This feeling is even better when it is because I know the big guy has some good things are in the works :)

My personal efforts toward a more positive me are just that: an act that requires continuous efforts.  Ask my friends.  I am NOT always a positive person.  It is not by intention.  I try to be positive.  But I am still quite capable of letting something negative get me down.  I have found that if I start my day with confidence that it will be a good day, then more often than not, it has been a good day.

I'm working on being a more positive person.  In doing so, I have found myself drawn to the people in my life that are able to share their own positive messages.

Share your positive message.  Have confidence.  And have a great day at work tomorrow.

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