Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Freelance with Greater Impact Ministries

On this lovely sunny Thursday, I am starting on a new freelance project!  Yay!  The availability in my part time work schedule is positively allowing me to undertake a number of small video and design projects for Greater Impact Ministries.  Thus far, I have assisted with redesigning two book covers and a logo for their Daughters of Sarah course.

As I understand, Greater Impact Ministries strives to assist women in bettering themselves, their marriages, and their communications through their relationship with God.  Daughters of Sarah is just one of the courses offered.

Todays project is set to begin in a few hours.  I will be filming and editing a number of mini webisodes for Greater Impact Ministries to use as a part of their Daughters of Sarah Video Training Course.  These webisodes are meant to help reinforce the messages participants receive between each week's lesson.

While everything I am assisting with is happening in the Loveland/Milford area of Ohio, Greater Impact Ministries is trying to do exactly what their name suggests: make a greater impact.  By making a video course and instructional videos, women across the nation will be able to grow their selves through the courses offered by Greater Impact Ministries.

If you think this type of learning sounds interesting, please follow this link to learn more information about how to register!  The next scheduled course is set to begin via DVD for Fall 2012.  Your local women's ministry can be added to the participant list!

Thanks to a few good friends, I have been able to access two handheld HD video cameras.  I also have some new miniDV tapes, and a plan for the afternoon!  I'll bring a few stills for you to see later :)

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