Monday, June 4, 2012

Do you have Goals or Dreams?

This morning the regional manager came to our Monday Morning meeting so my work team can prepare for our summer goals.  This is a person that, like my dad, always has some kind of good advice to share.  As a part of our team discussions, our regional manager told us something that has helped him achieve his goals during the past few years:

"A dream is not a goal until you commit it to paper"

Basically, until you take the time to write something down, your are only dreaming about what you can do.  Once you actually write it down, you have a goal you are working toward.

I would argue that you can have mental goals, but on the other hand, if you won't take the few minutes to write down what you actually want to accomplish, are they really things you want to accomplish by a deadline?  Or are you just dreaming about things you think you can do when you have some time?

As a work team, we will be taking time to write down both work and personal goals before our mid-year review session.  I look forward to seeing on paper what I have planned for myself!

Take a minute and think about the quote.  Let me know what you think in the comment box below and have a Marvelous Monday!!

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