Monday, June 25, 2012

Last week's Scorned Adventure!

I had the opportunity to work as an electrician on Scorned last week as a one day fill in.  I am hoping to  get the call to drive out for another shift or two before the end of the shoot.  However, due to the contract I signed, I am not able to take any pictures of the set to share.  Even though I cannot show you any of the awesomeness from set, I will be excited to see the finished project.  This will also be my last post on the subject, as I do not want to let any secrets loose now that I know more about the story than Google could tell me!

Scorned was both my first paid gig and my first feature length movie set.  I saw many lighting designs that I have only ever read about, such as bounce cloths, 12K lights, and a DM 512 control board working in action.  Despite the bulk of some of the equipment, the results are really awesome.  Even with my basic knowledge, I definitely enjoyed the learning opportunity.  After all, kindergarden taught us that we need to learn something new every day!

And speaking of lessons, another lesson I learned, is that it is not a good idea to drive two hours to a job, work almost 12 hours of labor intensive work in the summer heat, drive two hours home, and go to your day job with 4 Monster energy drinks in hand.  When the opportunity presents itself again, I hope that I will have a little more notice so that I can plan more for a crazy work schedule.

Nothing bad happened during my extended day, but I was very very tired by the time I went home.  After being up for nearly 32 hours (19.75 hours of paid time between both jobs) I most definitely deserved the solid 11 hours of sleep I slept that night.

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