Friday, February 10, 2012

The Change: How You Think!

So what really is 'PositiveSpace' you ask?

In art it is the subject that breaks itself from the background.  It is the opposite of negative space.  Negative space is the space around a subject that attracts the eye.  An example of negative space is the light outline of a silhouette.

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The classic: Face or Vase?

Depending on how you look at the image, you will see either a vase or two faces.

The black vase is an example of the use of positive space.  The white space is an example of negative space.

By changing how you  look at the image, you should also be able to see two faces looking at each other.  This turns the positive space into the white and the negative space into the black.

The reasons why you will see one or the other first is based on how your brain reacts to the image.  In short, by changing the way you think about what you are seeing, you change how your brain interprets the same image--hence why it changes from a vase (what I saw first) to the two faces.

Perhaps he said it best.  Thanks for sharing Danielle.
In the same way you change your thinking to interpret two distinctly different images is also the way you can change your outlook on the rest of the world!

Tell yourself to see a positive--make yourself smile if you must--and you will find that you can see more positive than you realized you were missing!  The cup is only half empty if that is how you choose to see it!

How does this tidbit about art and thinking play out in your everyday life though?  The answer is simple.  You see positive and negative spaces around your life everywhere!  See what you already do, change your thinking, and find the positivity you need--whether it be art or turning a negative event into a positive outlook!  Be the change!

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