Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Second of February

How will you celebrate February
Second?  I can't say I will kiss a
groundhog?  How about you?

Groundhog Day: The day where a semi cute round furry brown thing with big teeth unborrows itself to determine whether or not winter has ended.  February second has a number of other meanings too!

February 2 is the thirty-third day of 2012.  Since this is also a leap year (yay! I get a half birthday!) there are three hundred thirty three days remaining in 2012.

Groundhog Day is a holiday listed on most calendars in the United States and Canada.  In kindergarden it is a big celebration.  In 1993 Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell stared in a movie of the same name that is undoubetly being aired on a number of cable channels today (admit it--this makes you happy).  In Punxsutawney (a borough in southeastern Pennsylvania) there is a large celebration--expecting over 40,000 people--taking place!

What does February 2nd mean to you though?  According to the folklore story you (most likely)grew up with, if the groundhog sees its shadow (as happened today in Punxsutawney) then there will be six more weeks of winter.  If the groundhog comes out of its burrow to a cloudy day then spring will arrive early!
Fluffy Meets The Groundhog (level 3) (Hello Reader)
There are even books about it.
Find this book at Amazon!

In other parts of the world, February 2nd is a day to remember for other reasons. 
     ~Portugal celebrates The Candelária Day on
       February 2nd
     ~England fought the Battle of Mortimer's Cross as a
       part ot the 1491 War of the Roses
     ~Grand Central Terminal opened in New York City in
       1913 (I know--not really another part of the world)

Regardless of how you spend this lovely mild and sunny Groundhog Day, I hope it is a great day for you!  Tell me how you enjoyed Groundhog Day in the comment box below!

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