Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Positive Space

For all of five awesome subscribers, you may have noticed a significant amount of randomness of the topics to which I have been writing about.  I'll explain. Kind of...

Delicious Cupcake! And Random!
Sure, it is interesting to debunk doomsday myths on the internet and to research the origins of Groundhog's Day or to photographically explain the process of cupcake making...but how does knowing these reasons have any applicable value?  It's not like you need a cram session before your impending appearance on Jeopardy.

My job search is slow.  Most of the positions I am finding are for experienced producers and other television professionals; only a few are part time entry level positions.  Considering I graduated sixty days ago from my undergraduate studies, I am still very much a beginner.  In the meantime however I am still working part time as well as writing here.

I think that I am trying to productively occupy my 'free' time.  Being the random person I am, random topics seem to suit me.  Being the intelligent person I strive to be, meaningful content is my goal.  

All this being said, I would like to take this opportunity to push my blog into an actual and (hopefully) meaningful direction.  I will now delve into the world of 

I hope you will join in my exploration of finding all of the positivity I can find in life :) 

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