Wednesday, February 1, 2012

FREE Things To Do When You Are BORED!!!

You have lots of homework. It isn't due tomorrow though. You need to clean you room...but don't feel like picking the clothes up to do the laundry.  You have seen all the re-runs on tv...on more than one occasion. You would go out with friends...but your cash supplies are running low.  You have been trolling Facebook for hours...and your friend's lives are no longer entertaining. Admit it--we have all been there. You are B-O-R-E-D!

Bloons Tower Defense 4.
Sooo many Sun Gods!
If you are in such a predicimate today, lets find the positivity in your excess of time!  Please feel free to borrow from my list of ideas below!

1. This could be an excellent opportunity to catch yourself up on the latest flash web games!  I happen to like playing with the super monkeys in Bloons Tower Defense!  You can find the game by asking Google or at is FREE site FILLED with HOURS of entertainment!  Another option is where you can play a number of FREE games with other actual people!  You should check out the online Monopoly! 

This is my choice of Blog homes!
2. As a second method of entertaining yourself, you could start your very own blog like me!  Blogger is an excellent, FREE, way to spend your time.  You have lots of other options too--Tumbler, Twitter, Wordpress, Weebly, Thoughts...the list goes on!  At any of these sites, you have the opportunity to tell the world about anything you want to!  Do you have a special hobby?  Are you just a random person like me with many random interests?  A blog may be the perfect option to fill the empty time in your life.  Gain a following and it will be even more fun!

I like number 4!
3.  The obvious bordom solution--take the time to do the things for yourself that you never feel like you have time to do!  Get a haircut, have your nails done, enjoy a relaxing bubble bath, write your parents a random thank-you note for everything they do for you.  Do something from your To-Do list that has been there for a while!  And most importantly...have fun with it!

4.  You need to be home to do the following activities--but I PROMISE that ALL of these ideas will have a potential usefullness or entertainment factor!  The are not all absolutely free (depending on what you have at home) but try them anyway!
Decorating cupcakes and cookies
takes time and is fun! Be Creative!
          1. Watch TV on mute.  Make up your own
              storyline and dialogue!
          2. Plan a fun outing with your friends for the
              upcoming weekend!  Get everyone involved--
              perhaps a scavenger hunt?
          3. Cook a new concoction based on the food you
              already have in your cupboards! (Asking
              Google can help with your creativity)
          4. Bake COOKIES!!!  Or CUPCAKES!!!
          5. Take everything in a room and rearange it! 
              You'll be amazed what you will have forgotten
              you had!  It is a great opportunity to donate
              old things too!

I hope you found at least one fun or useful thing to do here!  Let my other readers know what else you like to do by leaving a comment below!

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