Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Know What I Did Last Summer!

"Punch Drunk Robot" is a special project that I worked on in August 2011 as a submission for the 48 Hour Film Project Cincinnati Festival.  As part of the festival, "Punch Drunk Robot" made it to the 'Best of Cincinnati' screening, which basically means it was considered one of the top ten submissions for the Cincinnati this year.  We were also awarded Best Song!  The three elements we needed to include were
          1. Character: Arthur or Arlene Zinnia, Acupuncturist
          2. Prop: a tray
          3. Line of Dialogue: "It's the same thing all over again"

As a crew member, I assisted with the costuming as well as being the Lead Gaffer (I was in charge the lighting crew).  Obviously, with a deadline of 48 hours, there was limited time for set-up, but considering the time constraints I think I did a pretty good job.

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