Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Daytime Columbus!

While it is a little behind schedule, I worked as a Production Assistant Intern for Daytime Columbus, a NBC4i Columbus produced talk show.

With the show, the Host and Executive Producer, Gail Hogan, talked with business owners and organizations from all across Columbus (and Ohio) that have something to offer the community.  Topics range from landscaping ideas, home organization, and pet adoptions to upcoming theatrical events and healthy living tips.

Daytime Columbus is an 'Advo-tainment' Talk Show.  It is advertising because everyone on the show has paid to be there.  It is also entertaining because Gail is AWESOME at making everything sound fun!

Here is a peek into a typical segment.  It is a spot produced for Luxury Bath Systems, a bathroom renovations company that specializes in fast and easy bathroom solutions for both luxurious and necessary safety reasons.

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