Thursday, December 1, 2011

The UC Bearcat Bands Feature! It's Complete!

     I promise, this isn't another project by a band member about the band.  I don't want to brag too much, but I think my feature turned out pretty well.  If you're interested, here it is!

So, as you may remember from one of my earlier posts about this project, it was created as a part of my class, Uptown--part of the Electronic Media Division of the College-Conservatory of Music.

This piece is an insider look to how student involvement in the University of Cincinnati Bearcat Bands program affects students in positive ways.  It also portrays the variety of interests and activities that the band participates in at both the university and local community.

My role in the creation of this project has been in the making since the fall of 2007.  I was an active member of this organization for the first four years of my college career as a flute/piccolo player and squad leader.  Now, in my fifth year, I am a part-time videographer for game days and concerts.  Because of my involvement with the organization, I had a great experience working on this project being a fabulous one-man-band of a reporter.

I was the videographer, editor, writer, producer--you name it, I was it for this project.  While this is one of the first projects I have completed completely by myself, everyone that viewed this so far has loved it!  In fact, Dr. Frenz even requested a copy to take with him to a meeting he had with the President of the University, Gregory Williams!  (It may even find itself on the band website too!)

The Bearcat Bands has a long history of pride, tradition, and service to UC.  For more information, visit the band website here <> or call the office directly at (513) 556-BAND.

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