Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Think Positively!

I promise!  If you take a negative event in your life, and find the right way to think about the event, there will be a positive view you can take!  Thanks to the awesome positivity of one of my friends, KT, I always try to find the positive in every seemingly bad situation.  Thanks KT!

Here is a list of negatives:
     1. Overdrawn Bank Account
     2. Failed Relationship
     3. Sick, therefore missed school/work/you-name-it
     4.  Car Wreck
     5.  You are always seeing your shadow

The Hard Part: Finding the Positivity!

     1. You overdrew your bank account.  I've done it.  You've done it.  Your neighbors's nephew's best friend has done it too.  The good thing about an overdraft though, is that it means the people or companies you promised money to (via check writtem or debit card swiped) were paid and you do not owe any additional fees for having the item returned unpaid.  A second positive is that hopefully you have learned your lesson regarding money management!  Forgetting about a check you wrote can be an expensive error--possibly $25 to $36 dollars or more PER TRANSACTION!  Basically, keeping an eye on your finances is very important!  Use Online Banking frequently and match ALL of your shopping/dining reciepts to the charges against your account.

     2. Just like a bank overdraft, everyone seems to have had their heart broken once (or a dozen) times!  While the heartache may capture you now, just remember (I know this cliche) there are more fish in the sea!  Dating is a bit like an audition process for your future spouse/companion/helpmate/partner-in-crime.  If a relationship is not meant to work out (even after you try to make it work) then it is better to find out early!

     3. An unexpected illness has caused at least one sick day for all of us too!  Whether you missed school or work or an exam or whatever, tell yourself it happened for a good reason.  This is where I insist you ask yourself a "What If" question.  What if on the way to school/work/exam/whatever I was in a car wreck (or other injury causing accident).  Accidents do not usually make for good days.  Take your sick day and make it have a positive twist by telling yourself that nothing further negative happened by staying home!

     4. Car wrecks are accidents.  They are not something anyone plans (or so I hope!)  As long as you are able to survive the wreck, whether you walked away unharmed or needed medical attention, your survival is the most important thing!  Your life is irreplacable, where a car salesman can be easily found.  Sometimes wrecking your car can be a good thing, if you think of it in the right way.  You could end up with a newer, better car as a result.  For this positive to exist, several other things need to occur.  First, collision coverage is a must!  The day of a wreck is a bad time to realize you forgot you took collision off of your car insurance! (I know because I did this! Consider the lesson learned!)  Second, don't wreck on purpose!  I don't know who would make plans to wreck a car (besides a demolition derby contestant).  Insurance companies could get you for fraud (not a good thing) or worse, you could seriously injur someone in the process!  Don't wreck on purpose!

     5. If you are always seeing your shadow, then you may want to make the physical effort to move your neck into a position such that you can see the sun!  If you look toward the sun, then you will never see your own shadow!  All you need to do is make an effort to see the good things in life instead of just all the negative things in your past.  You may see your glass of milk/soda/adult-beverage as half empty today (the pessismistic viewpoint), but with a little effort to finding the good in all the seemingly bad things you encounter, your glass of milk/soda/adult-beverage can be seen optimistically as half full!  Remember, April showers bring May flowers!

Feel free to comment below if you have any other seemingly negative events that can be thought in positive ways!

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  1. You already know my extra scenario.... Hahaha!!!

    :D -Lexie.