Thursday, January 12, 2012

So...Job Please?

Now that I am a 'big girl' --you know, a college graduate and all-- I am on the hunt for my first 'big girl job.'

The search is rather frustrating...

Idealy, I would like to have my start in the world of talk shows.  I absolutely loved my internship with Daytime Columbus last spring.  My problem, is that I am having a difficult time finding entry level jobs with many of the talk shows.  That was my concentration of primary interest for the past few months.

What's next though?

One thing I had noticed in searching for talk show production jobs was 'related experience' in reference to news.  I have therefore officially begun to search for an entry level production position.  What I have found is that many stations are hiring for/continously accepting applications for production assistents (or something very similar by a different name).  Unfortunately, all the positions I have found are part time.

While I have always said that I am willing to move to where the job takes me, especially now so I can get the experience I need, I am hesitant to pack up and move to a different city for a part time position.  I already have a part time position.  I won't lie and say the pay is great, but it is above minimum wage and I am able to pay all of my bills without calling my Dad for help.

I did interview with a local station in Cincinnati recently for one of the above aformentoned part time jobs.  I think the interview went well.  I was given the follow-up writing assessment, which has been compleated.  Now I just wait.  I was told one week ago that I will not hear anything for two weeks.  The position is a 'News Content Specialist" position.  As it was explained to me, it is a glorified production assistent.  I'm completely OK with that.  I feel that I am a competent writer, I have confidence that I do good work in a professional manner, and I have previously completed the other tasks mentioned.  Something just felt right about that job.

I suppose that if I am not supposted to have that job, then it wasn't meant to be and I will find one later that will be right.  Until then....   :)

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