Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

My DOD is awesome!  And learning to use social media!
Thanks to my sister for the photo!
As a recent college graduate living in the technological world, I am quite savvy with my use of social networks.  I have active profiles on Facebook, Google+, and Blogger.  As the child of a parent with a 'Golden Buckeye" discount card, I cannot say the same for my DOD (Dear Old Dad).  However, he is one (self declared) Old Dog that CAN learn new tricks!

DOD is an awesome dad.  He is even hip too!  Whenever we are both in the same proximity (I live in Cincinnati and he lives in a Columbus suburb) we go hang out at a local drinking establishment for a (as in singular) delicious adult beverage.  I don't say this to make us sound like alcoholics.  These adventures are few and far between, but fun.  In fact, I hardly ever go with anyone but DOD.  Including my sister, I think we may be some of the only people that will go to the bar with their dad.

Despite nearing his second retirement, DOD is still as hip as ever.  Don't let his age fool you!  As evidence, he even has his own (new) Facebook account!  I think it is so cute that he keeps updating me with the number of friends he has.  At the last update he gave me, DOD had finally surpassed 50 friends on Facebook! 

DOD rocking out at the Paul McCartney concert last summer!
Thanks to my sister for the photo!
For this past Christmas, my sister bought my dad a new laptop and I helped my mom pick out a new Kodak camera.  The camera is a touchscreen too!  Needless to say, DOD loved these gifts!  He has put them right to use--I even gave him a lesson last week in regards to creating a photo album in Facebook and tagging people in the pictures!  The pictures aren't recent from Christmas, but they are from a concert my sister took him to last summer for his early birthday present!  They both love the Beetles and saw Paul McCartney Live at Great American Ball Park!  We'll see if the Facebook lessons stuck soon enough when he tries to post more recent pictures!

Sofar, Facebook is the only profile that DOD is keeping, but I'm sure that may change.  I've sent an invite for Google+ but I'm not sure he knows what to do with it yet!  Before long, I think I'll have him set up with his own blog too!

To help him keep his life updated in the world of social networking, I showed him how to subscribe to my blog!  If he could figure out how to do it, so can YOU!  It is super simple!  If you use blogger, you can follow me by scrolling down a little on the right column.  If you don't use blogger, then you can subscribe via email, also in the right column.

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