Monday, January 9, 2012

December 2011, Part 2

As a third generation student, I can now
proudly call this my Alma Mater too!
It may seem odd to call this part two when my college graduation occurred nearly two weeks before the events detailed in part one.  But as the rest of life, it is what it is.

December 10th was a day nearly five years in the making (or over five years... depending on how you want to think about it).

The Berne Union Golden Rockets
gave me just the start I needed!
I spent three-quarters of my career as a high school student saying I would not consider the University of Cincinnati because both of my parents were alumni, as well as three grandparents and a handful of my extended family.  Thanks to opportunities my high school band director provided me with in Audio Lab Production 1 & 2 during my junior and senior years, I came to realize that I was meant to go to UC.  In Audio Lab, I learned basic intricacies of the world of music production and audio post production.  Desiring to follow these skills to college in hopes of finding a career in music production, I braved to ask for a suggestion of where I might study further.

As I was already aware, the first suggestion my teacher gave me was Berklee College of Music, Music Production and Engineering Major.  Being from a very small town (excuse me, village), the [then] $36,000 annual pricetag for a prestigous music school in Boston (a 14 hour drive) seemed way out of the question of even discussing with Mom and Dad.  To get into that program, you also needed to be accepted to the school for music performance and switch during your second semester.  I was a part of a good band program, but I still doubt that I would be able to get into Berklee today even if I really wanted to.

The second option my teacher gave me is one I had not been at all aware of to that point.  By having kept in contact with a previous audio lab student, my teacher was able to recommend the University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music's Electronic Media Division.  I went home, googled it, and told my parents that I wanted to look at their alma mater...after years of telling them I didn't want to consider it.

The rest of how I came to study at UC is history.  I submitted my application less than a week before the deadline, my supporting material (all from my audio lab classes) a few days later, and received my acceptance letter on January 25, 2007!  Nearly five years, fourteen quarters, 217 credit hours, one 3.613 Cum Laude GPA, and 1,773 days later...I graduated.

The Electronic Media Division of UC's prestigous College-Conservatory of Music
gave me the proper foundation I was looking for to build the career I am now seeking.

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