Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Year's in Memphis: A Victory at the Liberty Bowl!

Bearcats are #1!  I'm super excited for my
first field interviews and the victory!

I'll admit, I sometimes wonder how much a certain event will cause affect to the rest of my life...Really, how will my experiences carry with me through life?  Will a four day trip to Memphis have any lasting effect?

To better answer this question, I should better specify that the four day trip was to the 2011 New Year's Eve Liberty Bowl and that I was going as the official UC Band Videographer.  That changes the context of the trip a little bit.  This trip was not the first time I traveled with the band in that role-->as a four year member, it was definitely not my first band trip!  As you can see below, I traveled with the band to Pittsburgh in early November as the UC Band's Videographer!

Starting quarterback Zach Collaros rushing past his
Vanderbilt opponents at the 2011 Liberty Bowl.
I suppose that since our memories are one of our most precious commodies, that an experience of any variety can have a lasting effect.  Some just might serve a better meaning later...Only time can tell :)

Eventually, you will have the awesome opportunity to see a video of the trip--Subscribe via email on the right hand collumn and you'll get the alert when the video is ready.  I have lots of awesome footage (5 full tapes worth!) and my goal is to edit a piece that the band will be able to appreciate in an awesome DVD format!  The only problem right now is I don't have a firewire cable!  The finished product will be available both here, YouTube, and Facebook soon enough though!

President Williams helping the
Bearcats celebrate Victory!
The most exciting part of the trip for me though was the game!  Not only did the UC Bearcats return victorious, but I conducted my first field interviews!  I was able to interview both the starting quarterback, Zach Collaros, as well as the President of the University of Cincinnati, Gregory H. Williams.  The UC Band photographer has pictures for me too!  I'll share them once they are available!
Of course, since I am:
          1) a long time band person, and
          2) I was traveling with the band, I had to ask questions about the band! 
Both Zach Collaros and President Williams said good things!  Zach is even friends with one of my friends from band because they went to the same high school!  As a video to be a memoriable keepsake for the band, I'm sure the inclusion of two big names recogizing the band will only add to the band's experience and memories!

Overall, I had a GREAT time in Memphis!  I suppose the true test to how the experience will effect me will be to let time play itself!

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