Saturday, September 22, 2012

UC Band: Recruitment Mode!

There are exciting things happening today in the world of UC Bearcat Bands Recruitment!  The UC Bearcat Bands are performing at a BOA (Bands of America) marching band competition in Kentucky, and I just finished a new version of the UC Band recruitment DVD!  Take a sample look:
With the exception of the physical creation of the DVD menu template and the C-Paw (which is being used in accordance with the branding specifications set by the University of Cincinnati), everything is my original creation.  I took each of the four pictures visible within the scrolling DVD menu at last season's 2011 Liberty Bowl with my DSLR.  I shot and edited each of the three short Band videos using a combination of my DSLR and through the use of a friends Canon XL1/Canon XHA1 video camcorders.
This video, the TUCBIDG Recruitment Info listing above, is the newest of the three videos.  By new, what I really intend to say is the most recent edit of an existing video.  I repurposed a previous video I made last year to better work as a recruitment tool by making it exist in more of a slideshow format that can easily be repeated on loop.

Personally, I think the whole project looks pretty spiffy.  What do you think?

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