Friday, March 16, 2012

Oops...It's March!

I wish I could say I have neglected making a new post because I have been super busy with a new job and out enjoying a delightful early spring... but only the latter is true.

My job search has not had any more rejections...but I don't have a 'yes' yet.  My most recent prospect has not yet decided whether or not the company will actually be hiring someone...but I did make it to the top three list of prospects after my interview!  I suppose that is all good news so far...I'm just hoping they do decide they want to 1) hire someone and 2) that someone is me!

In regards to the other aforementioned positive news, spring has sprung!  While I will not deny the winter that I am fully aware HAS graced some parts of these United States, I will agree with my fellow Ohioans that say 'We skipped winter."

Friends, Family, Co-Workers, and my hometown minister all agree!  I was home the first weekend in March during the 'Great Snowstorm of 2012' as my minister called it.  Said snowstorm, in my definition, was merely a light flurry in the mid morning hours...

Having essentially skipped the normal brute force of the cold snowy winter, I find that the groundhog was wrong this year.  The large majority of February was quite warm...despite having predicted six more weeks of winter.

Just as the February 2nd Groundhog's Day is weather folklore, the merry month of March is too.  As depicted, if March comes in like a lamb (fair weather) then it will leave like a lion (stormy weather); if March comes in like a lion then it will leave like a lamb.  As I have observed thusfar, the March of 2012 in my little corner of the great Ohio has been mostly mild--turning stormy on the ides of March with more storms to come!  I diverge--the 'ides' really just means it is the middle day of the month--every month has one!  In months with less than 31 days, the 'ides' is on the 13th!

Regardless of what the weather related folklore tells us, some may be true...or just a coincidence.  Whatever happens though, you won't see me complaining with this beautiful spring among us.

In closing today, I wish to see all of you right here again soon!  Happy Spring!

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