Tuesday, March 27, 2012

30% Discount? Yes Please!

Although I work at a bank, money is not my forte.  By this, I don't mean I am bad at managing my income--I mean I am having trouble finding a job to increase my income.

Based on the Occupy Wallstreet/1% vs 99% movements, I was curious how my individual part time income stacked up against the rest of America.  My take-home pay ranks me in the 12th percentile.  However, seeing as I work part time in a hourly job, I think it is decent enough to not be fretting about having a full time position relating to my degree.

Since for the time being I am unable to increase my income, I simply need to make it stretch further.  One way I am doing that is through Progressive.

I've had a few less than smart moments while driving.  I currently have two speeding tickets and a fender bender on my driving record as well as a pretty and new(ish) Civic.  These are pricy to have.  A 6 month policy for me ranges between $925 and $1350.  As with my previous policy, Progressive continued to be on the lower end and promised opportunities to save further.  Needless to say, that is who I chose at renewal.

The Snapshot discount was a deciding factor in again choosing Progressive.  I have a small device that I plug in my car that monitors my driving habits so that I can save up to 30% on my insurance rate.  I figured I might as well try it out since 1) 30% is a difference of almost $300 2) I don't really drive much to begin with and 3) the device cannot make your rate increase.  The device monitors when, how far, and how fast I drive (and break), but not where I drive or if I am speeding.  Yea--it is a little big brother like, but I have my initial discount taking effect right now!

I never thought I would qualify for the full 30% discount, but I am not complaining!  I'll get a check soon as a refund for my current policy as well as huge savings for as long as I stay with Progressive!  While I don't know exactly how the discount number is calculated (as many other online reviewers with much lower discounts also desire to know) I am one happy camper right now :)

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